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20 Border Collies Who Were Blessed With Good Looks Specially By The Nature

Nature was very biased when it created these Border Collies

If there is anything that has amazed me more than the final battle in Avengers: Endgame is nature. Nature is that one guy who comes to school on an Audi. I mean, you just cannot outdo nature. Nature has the ability to either destroy us with vicious catastrophic disasters or can also stun us with the most beautiful natural sides all around the world. So, one thing is for sure, no one wants to be on the wrong side of nature because things could go very wrong very quickly.


Nature also has another very important and crucial, for the living beings, power and is to modify their genes. Today we will be focusing on how nature has been dealing with dogs over the years. Spoiler alert: Nature has been blessing dogs since the beginning of time.

Apparently, when it comes to creating a dog, nature spends a couple of extra hours deciding what sort of amazing features they should be blessed with. Once the decision is made, it does a little tweaking to their genes and sends them right down on Earth. To prove this fact, we are going to enjoy pictures of Border Collies, today, who got given mesmerizing features, thanks to nature.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. This gorgeous Border Collie is blessed with a two-colored face. Win-win for everyone.

Via kevinlacaille / Reddit

2. Just an extremely handsome Border Collie posing for a picture.


Via reubal / Reddit

3. This is Ollie. A worker at a shelter chose a Border Collie to adopt from a litter of 5 and they weren’t even a week old then. The one that the worker chose hadn’t even opened its eyes yet. And they ended up getting the only Collie out of the 5 who was blessed with blue eyes by the nature


Via safarijane / Reddit

4. This border collie hasn’t left the side of this little baby since it was born 3 weeks ago.


There is something very special about the animal-child bond.

Via HotMagentaDuckFace / Reddit

5. Wasn’t their Border Collie already too gorgeous that they had to do a professional shoot of it to make us even more jealous of their luck.


Via donatedknowledge / Reddit

6. I don’t think there has ever existed a more innocent animal than a Border Collie dog. You can go and look.


Via StanShunpike / Reddit

7. They all have their own ways and this is how this Border Collie tells her owner she is ready to go outside and have some fun.


Via Funhammy / Imgur

8. This cute Border Collie has to make some adjustments when it puts a tennis ball in its mouth because the tongue and the ball cannot fit in together, both stick out a little.


Via 5willgetyou10 / Reddit

9. Loki is a foster at an animal shelter. He is only 3-months-old. Based on how nature blessed this Border Collie, I would’ve named him Batman.


Via cammywams / Reddit

10. Tracer and Biggs Darklight spreading wholesomeness all over the internet by hugging.


Via themockingnerd / Reddit

I am so jealous of Border Collies but in a very good way. Like, I want to be more jealous if this is what it looks like. These Collies look so gorgeous, handsome, and adorable. I could literally use up all the positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe them and it still wouldn’t be enough. Borders are a very beautiful breed and I think there should be one in every single household.

None of the ‘Border Collie’ wholesomeness will ever be enough to satisfy our souls so let’s enjoy more pictures of this majestic breed and stay in the sensation of awe forever.

11. 3 very happy dogs after a swim in the lake during hot summers.

Via thenorthernborders

12. They wore matching clothes for this picture. So adorable!


Via thebordercolliebros

13. He is testing waters before taking his first swim in the ocean. Good luck!

Advertisement by UDM

Via potetmoses / Reddit

14. He was starting to look a bit fat until his owner brushed all the extra hair off. Turns out, he is as fit as ever.


Via elliemomellie / Reddit

15. This person, his roommate, and his girlfriend all have Border Collies and they ended up bribing all of them with half a bag of treats to stand peacefully and pose for the family photo.

Via bigafricanhat / Reddit

16. No matter what breed are you, fetch will always be life for all dogs.


Via RacerRovr / Reddit

17. The cowboy is all set to pick some fights in the Wild West.

Via gruffinfirestar / Reddit

18. Their Border Collie had gone quiet for some time. This is why.


Via bish68wombat / Reddit

19. I don’t know how nature managed to pull this off, because this Border Collie gets excited about baths.

Via umetaturou

20. Strong bonds just don’t break, ever. These two have been rocking it together for 14 years now.


Via Rickd_77 / Reddit, Rickd_77 / Reddit

I am sure you guys had a very wholesome time enjoying watching these images of gorgeous border collies. They all look so gorgeous.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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