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Cat Medley: Best Collection Of Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

Cats are the cutest and by far the sweetest things to exist on Earth.

If you tell us otherwise, we wouldn’t believe it because we simply cannot live a day without cats. No wonder cats are the naughtiest pets ever, they would explore every corner of the house, ruin and break things yet we would cuddle and feed them. Seems like we are never getting tired of cats. Thanks to these little, adorable cats, who give us wholesome content to laugh at every day. Cats are overloaded with cuteness and we are certain you can never go by your day without appreciating them. We have a wholesome collection of the cutest cats that are sure to make you smile today!


1. Look at that wholesome smile!!

Via u/Matti612

2. Ready for an adventure!


Via u/iamhotsoup

3. Boris is happy today!!


Via u/IUsed2KnowEverything

4. Adopted a cute cat!!


Via u/cheltsied

5. This is how I sleep on Sundays.


Via u/vchau3

6. Is he just chilling there or fixing the roof?


Via u/BikerHackerman2

7. We can literally hear this picture.


Via u/DuCielle

8. In her first hour of adoption.


Via u/Breadchick

9. The purrrfect cure for depression.


Via u/trvsstvns

10. Getting better with age.


Via u/vanillafairycake

11. Rescued this stray cat and look at how happy and healthy does he look.

Via u/jaketropila

12. “My cat and the picture I found at TJ Maxx today”


Via u/jasonfunderburkerr

That moment when you go to TJ Max with your cat and find a painting of your cat. Seems like your kitty is quite famous. What a proud moment! Well, cats leave no chance of making you proud, whether it is by collecting everyone’s appreciation or by acting all decent in public. Cats have their ways of making a way to your heart. Scroll down to witness more cuteness.

13. Raff loves stairs.

Via u/XmanT7708

14. Cutest little floof!


Via u/LUCrative23

15. She is no less than a model.

Via u/Did-ko

16. Let’s bless your day!


Via u/Snoo_70279

17. Doesn’t he look like a lion?

Via u/PoetsSquareCats

18. Fatto Catto!!


Via u/hackthe3planet

19. Penny was overweight, she worked hard to look like this.

Via u/Ash_Ditty

20. Garfield, a true gentleman.


Via u/blc2727

21. Adopted this sweet boy after we heard him crying.

Via u/cdayne96

22. I so want to squeeze this fluffy ball.


Via u/EduKehakettu

23. What should I cook today?

Via u/winonadallas

24. “Few days ago we feed her. Then she disappeared and suddenly come with this kitten.”

Via u/alaminh0ssain

We are in love with all the pictures of overly cute cats. They have our hearts and we want to adopt all of them. What lovely ladies and gentlemen they are! Just thinking about how blessed their owners are to have such cute faces by their side. Which of these cats did you love the most? Tell us in the comments down below!


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