Artist Who Creates Tear Jerking Comics About Animals Is Back With Another Heartbreaking Reality

Animals are not meant to be our personal form of entertainment.

Human beings can be selfish. Just for the sake of a little entertainment, they can make the lives of lesser beings miserable. Zoos and circuses where wild animals are trapped in cages are a big example of the cruelty we unleash upon them.

Illustrator Jinya is known to highlight these problems from time to time. She uses her huge following on Instagram (203K followers) and Facebook (163K followers) to raise awareness for cruelty against those who can not speak for themselves. Animals can not march for their lives or communicate the problems that they face, so we must do it for them.

Her latest comic highlights circuses and the animal cruelty going on in them. Her recent one is about a lion that died in the facility and it will absolutely break your heart. See the comic down below:

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Let’s see who died here.

This can’t be the end!

I mourn your fate, King.

You can finally reign over souls.

He is finally happy.

Stand up against animal cruelty!

But Jenny also told Bored Panda that not all circuses are cruel. “Now, there are [some] where instead of wild animals, huge holograms inspire the audience. Or even circuses that show no animals at all, but rely completely on their human acrobats and clowns. I hope this trend will spread,” she said.

Freedom for Animals highlighted the problem of shifting animals on lorries and beast wagons and travelling thousands of miles per year. It is a huge issue as well.  “Moving location each week means they spend most of the year in temporary accommodation. The animals may be confined for hours, even days, in their travelling cages with their only respite being either limited time in an exercise cage, being rehearsed, or performing,” the organization wrote on their website. “It is impossible for a travelling menagerie to provide circus animals with the facilities they need.”

Jenny speaks for all animals, not just lions. She sympathises with all animals abused for the sake of entertainment. “It wouldn’t have mattered if I had shown a lion or an elephant. Wild animals belong in freedom, they should sleep in the sun, hunt and protect their families. They should not jump through hoops because they will be punished if they refuse,” the artist explained.

She also highlighted the issue of her content being shared in portions. People cherry-pick strips of her comics and they lose their meaning that way. “The problem is that many … often don’t share my complete comics, only individual pages. They also often leave out the last page where I describe the problem and share links for further information or donations. Some people then see this and do not understand the message. They think I just enjoy drawing abused animals.” “They don’t know that I’m trying to educate and raise funds. But it’s not their fault and mostly I can explain to them what my comics are all about.”

She puts aside 30% of her earnings to fight against animal cruelty. What a hero! You can also become one by supporting her on Patreon.

This is how people felt about the comics.

The cats got me too.

They belong in the wild, they aren’t born to entertain humans!

This is just sad.

Well said.

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