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50 Curious Dogs Who Love Poking Their Noses In Everything

Dogs like being involved in everyone’s business.

Ever heard of ‘curiosity kills the cat’? Well, the rule is the same for dogs as well. Dogs are very curious creatures. It is not humanly possible to understand what they are thinking. You could get a general idea from their movement and expressions once you have spent enough time with them. For example, when dogs wag their tail, it could mean a thousand things. It could mean happiness, feeling threatened, nervousness, excitement, anxiety, and much more. It is when you see their wide smile along with them wagging their tail when you realize that they are extremely happy to see you and are showing their love. They could also be demanding an ear rub if they do that. Never ignore ear rub demands.


The crux is, we don’t know everything about dogs. They are very curious as to what is happening around them and they like to get involved, not caring if they are invited or not. What adds to their curiosity is their ability to hear very low and also high pitched sounds and the way their noses are built to catch the minutest smells. We get annoyed at times when our doggos peep in at wrong places at the wrong times, but they could be peeping for a reason their human is unaware of. Okay, that took a creepy turn. Let’s keep it chill here.

Time to look at 50 doggos who consider themselves ‘Mr/Miss. Everyone’s Business Is Mine’ and like to poke their noses everywhere they possibly could. Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. Always an eye on the neighbors so all hanky-pankies are caught before they are even born.

Via Grocery_GetterReport

2. Spot the spy! Looks like the doggo does not approve.


Via Srob87

3. No matter where you are, they’ve always got an eye on you.


Via Livux

4. Doggo carefully watching every movement of the kitty like a spy.


Via Paytoon

5. “Few pictures of my neighbor’s dog stalking me.” No, he’s just clearing you for safety so he knows his human is not in danger.


Via duckiiunderscore

6. How do I look, mate?


Via conthorian

7. Peepin’ from under the couch


Via Blazingfire17

8. A nosy neighbor.


Via Gojiwa

9. Given the excellent peeping capabilities this doggo has, he got chosen to serve as a foreign spy.


Via Gojiwa

10. Patiently waiting for Daddy to wake up.


Via ecoohill

11. I know it’s a cat hole, I just want some ear rubs and I’m out.

Via Rask_Sly

12. “Noticed this outside my house. Am I under surveillance?”


Via cetacean-station

13. Dogs can smell people or objects from as far as 20 kilometres.

Via ericab22

14. “Ey Maa, is the food ready yet?”


Via skyrhme

15. Oh my god, that smile is so cute. Happens when you’re peeking and mommy and she spots you right away. So adorable!

Via therealpaningning

16. “Ahhh! Fresh air.”


Via Ricardo406

17. Bruh, that ain’t cute (okay maybe it is) but that’s dangerous. These tiny ones can fit through anything.

Via DKDCbye

18. Doggo be like, “Who is that person, and why are you kissing that thing and not me?”


Via SoccergirlAlo

19. To catch a polar bear, you must become a polar bear.

Via ProfessorUmbridge

20. Mom, do I really have to be in this bag for the whole flight?



21. What purpose does that slit serve anyway?


22. “I Told Him To Stop Begging And Go Away While I’m Eating. 30 Seconds Later I Look Down To See This”


Via Brick_in_the_dbol

23. “Every morning she watches me leave for work and it breaks my heart.”

Via decussata

24. Always heard that walls have ears. Never knew about gates having snouts.

Via benderdelux

25. Just a couple of noses peeping out the window…oh wait! It’s the Borzoi Family.

Via maki410723

Adding into how curious dogs really are, many animal behaviorists suggest that the head tilt our doggos do is to show that they are being very curious and anxious about a sound. They tend to tilt their head for better and clear hearing and understanding of the words.

I am so amazed. Let’s look at more curious peeping pooches. Scroll down below to enjoy.

26. “Hi neighbors! All well?”


Via ilikemountaingoats

27. “Mate, I think they’ve spotted us.”


Via skintightspandex

28. Sad boi had been waiting all day long for dad to come home from work.

Via DunkingDognuts

29. Doggo: “I need snackos.” Human: “No” *doggo turns evil* Human: “Okay, okay, we just bought a new pack earlier today. All yours.”


Via LeeOCD

30. Look, a peeping pooch!

Via CmdrSeveran

31. “2 bones and a whisky. Cash or snuggles?”

Via hollypoosays

32. Those measurements are so accurate. Well done, human!


Via Guygan

33. “My neighbor cut holes in his gate so his dog could see out.” Safe and effective.

Via AhhHue

34. “So my neighbor has been building a new fence. I suggested a window for his dog Jack who likes to say hi to us every day, through a current missing board. Woke up to this today.”

Via klstephe

35. The snow has risen for revenge… Never mind, the snow just wants some cuddles and kisses.


Via Theundercave

36. Some top-notch spying right there.

Via ImbricatedIllusion

37. Peek-A-Boo!

Via swegway69

38. “Hi. Will you be my friend? I am very friendly.”


Via Gnaxera

39. “Got some food?”

Via tehjeffman

40. You should’ve taken Physics, so you would’ve known how mirrors work. Caught red-pawed

Via albritt9078

41. “Neighbors adopted a dog so my Dad cut holes in the fence.”


Via Eloquentdyslexic

42. Just checking out so nothing catches fire as mommy cooks.

Via rox-it

43. “I am watching you.”

Via smolprincess928

44. Doggo doesn’t like being seen. Doggo likes to observe.


Via entropist65

45. Took a minute to spot them doggos on an adventure. Looking at them peeping at us trying to make us jealous.

Via kawwmePoster

46. “Hey Mom, need a paw?”

Via brittvny_nicole

47. “Went for a walk and saw this little fella peeking at me through his fence window.”


Via kammany

48. “When he doesn’t get the pets he deserves, this is the face I get.”

Via DJ_Bluntz411

49. “Now how do I grab a fry without them noticing?” Maybe, just ask for it?

Via Turtleramem

50. “We had to cut a hole in our fence so our dog could see out.”

Via matpot

That is all from cute and curious doggos always on the lookout. I wonder what is so amusing about peeping and not just arriving straightforward. Only the dog gods must know.

We hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below.


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