Dad Asks Internet If He’s Wrong For Putting His 9 Year Old On Diet, Gets Schooled

Should kids be put on diet?

Well, it depends on the circumstances. If your kid has extremely unhealthy eating habits and it affecting their overall health, then you can put them on a diet after consulting with a health care professional. However, putting your kids on diet just because they have a little belly fat? No. That’s just stupid.

Kids are supposed to play, eat whatever they want and do their normal activities. It’s their growing age! A lot of kids are chubby and it’s completely normal. Their bodies balance out themselves once they hit puberty so normally there’s nothing to worry about.

You see, recently a dad asked a question on Reddit’s AITA section and it drove everyone crazy!

Here’s what he posted:

Here’s how people responded to this guy.

That makes so much.

A person’s mental health should never be compromised.

Imagine the amount of work her body has to perform with a limited calorie intake.

If anything, the diet is doing more harm than good in this situation.

Couldn’t have said it better.

Here’s a logical explanation in case you were wondering.

While it may be true that the father’s intention wasn’t to harm the girl, this still does not justify all the trouble she is going through.

According to Redditors, the guy is an a*shole for putting his 9-year old girl on a diet. But, what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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