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What Disney Princesses Would Have Looked Like If They Were Historically Accurate

We were just kids when these movies came out.

I am sure none of us even knew what these princesses would have looked like if they were historically accurate. All we knew was that they were princesses and they were super pretty. Children do not dig so deep in the details of clothing or getups but as adults, we have the time to talk about how things should have been if they were actually accurate according to their time and culture. Below are our favourite Disney princesses and what they would have looked like if they were historically accurate:

1. Pocahontas.

© Pochahontas / Walt Disney productions

Pocahontas was originally called Matoaka which means “flower between 2 streams.” In the story, Pocahontas was 10-12 years old and in the movies, she appears to be in her 20s. She was the offspring of the Powhatan chief, so she had braided hair and wore deerskin with beads around her neck.

2. Princess Jasmine.


© Aladdin / Walt Disney productions

Her original name was Badroulbadour and it is believed that her name was changed to Jasmine to make it more relatable. She wore loose-fitted clothes as she was from a very hot environment.

3. Snow White.


© Snow White / Walt Disney Productions

Snow White was from 16th century Germany during the Protestant Reformation period. At that time, women wore dark clothes with high necklines. They would tie their hair and wear headpieces.

4. Rapunzel.


© Tangled / Walt Disney Productions

Rapunzel was also from 16th century Germany. Women in that period wore Cranach’s gowns.

5. Aurora.


© Sleeping Beauty / Walt Disney Productions

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty was from 14th century France. At that time the noblewomen wore skin-fit clothes with tight sleeves and buttons in the front, known as Cotehardie.

6. Elsa.


© Frozen / Walt Disney Productions

Elsa was from the mid-18th century when women wore Victorian dresses with ballgown silhouettes. Corsets just came in fashion and embroidery was pretty uncommon.

7. Ariel.


© The Little Mermaid / Walt Disney Productions

In the 17th century, women wore off-the-shoulder dresses and puffy sleeves.

8. Mulan.


© Mulan / Walt Disney Productions

Women at that time wore clothes that had tight waists and big sleeves. Their makeup would be very bright and they wore flowers in their hair.

9. Cinderella.


© Cinderella / Walt Disney Productions

Let’s just say blonde was not a very fashionable colour in the 1830s.

10. Belle.


© Beauty and The Beast / Walt Disney Productions

Belle was from 18th century France. Women used to wear flowers, ribbons, lace, feathers, and jewellery.


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