Gross Things People Were Caught Doing On Public Transport

Presenting you a compilation of grossly inappropriate behaviors people exhibited in public transport

Living in a city or a town, you must have to take public transport at every cost. As we thank public transport for making our lives easier as mass-transport system can carry many people at once and cause convenience travelling on cheaper rates, it also causes a great deal of icky feeling about it while no one actually talks about it. You might have noticed that people display weird behaviors and grotesque scenarios are observed. You have to take your whole route and you have no option to ignore such gross people.


Want to feel grossed out? We know, you don’t. But, unfortunately, we have collected 30 such gross behaviors of individuals in public transport that you will wish you could unsee. But now that you are here, scroll tile the end to know what’s cooking.

1. Sitting with legs spread across while people are struggling to make space while standing

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2. He is taking four seats on a regular bus and I can not stop noticing his holed sock


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3. When you do not know basic manners of cleanliness


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4. The audacity


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5. Why would someone do that?



6. Letting him stand and not sliding over


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7. Gross to look at a mere sight


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8. How can you shave your legs in a public transport bus?


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9. The person who saw this wasn’t sure what happened, but bailed at the next available opportunity.


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10. Wish I could unsee this somehow


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11. Someone left their dog open and not behaved

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12. This person did not probably get mannerism taught


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13. Smoking in a closed space is gross but his hair are another gross level, must say

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14. Toddler messing the bus with food but they busy in phones


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15. Spilling some liquid in the bus is the worst thing to do


Feeling icky yet? Well there’s more so keep scrolling till the end.

16. Now this is unacceptable


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17. She probably did not read the sign board

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18. Camping in the bus, seriously?


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19. Casually burning their hair in a bus, I mean..

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20. They read the sign yet do not read the sign


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21. Most inappropriate way to sit in a public train

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22. Why would she do that?


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23. Beyond unacceptable

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24. Gross enough?

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25. Popping acne in the bus, why would a mother do that… still can not stand it

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26. Sitting shamelessly in the middle and taking the space of two seats

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27. An umbrella with legs, casually


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28. He forgot to get dressed

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29. She mistook the bus for her closet, I presume


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30. Casually lying onto a dirty floor

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Were these photos gross enough to draw your attention or were they the same you see every day and nothing new to you? If you take public commute, you would have experienced familiar things. Tell us in the comment section about your views about this post. Stay tuned to defused for more gross content, jk!

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