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40 Hilarious Comics That Show What Animals Would Do If They Were Human

Unlike a lot of unfortunate animals, home pets are very fortunate in how their life turned out. They get a lot of necessities that stray animals do not get. Pet cats and pet dogs are so loved by their pet owners, it is actually insane. Some people even argue that these animals get more love in comparison to the other people in the house. Humans feed their pets and sometimes agree to give them even more food than needed. Humans take them to morning walks and evening walks to keep the pets healthy and moving. We don’t mind snuggling and cuddling our pets every time they are feeling like it. They become the center focus of our home and we all know it. If there are any crises at the home of any sort, we first ensure that our pet is safe. We buy them toys to keep them entertained. Pets have become so important that there are even TV shows for your pets to see. That is actually insane! We do all of this just for our pets.


But on another note, we’d like to talk about what if the roles were reversed? Have you ever thought of the possibility of the animals started to pretend more like humans? I mean one thing is for sure that they would be much better than us but still, what kind of thoughts would prevail in their minds? What kind of people they would become if they were not actually animals but humans? How would they speak to other animals or will they be rude to each other like we humans get or will they be nice? There are numerous questions that arise in our heads and we have never been able to get those answers but I guess it’s our lucky day today because a comic artist from China put a lot of thought into this and created very wholesome and adorable comics to show us what would happen if the pets start talking. The artist goes by the name kesanitw on Instagram and created some amazing comics about compassion, friendship, and environment.

It’s truly incredible to see what people can do with their art and illustrations nowadays. What we are about to see is creativity taken on a whole new level and you are going to absolutely love it! So, are we ready? Let’s start scrolling!

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Pictures via: kesanitw

1. Fixer of the broken heart!

This is such a sweet comic! It has both humor and states reality too. Cat lovers know how uplifting the presence of their cats is. Your heart may not heal completely but it does feel so much better to have a cat around when you are sad.

Kesanitw has a very simple and easy-to-understand way of making comics. But though the work is simple, the comics are unique in how colorful they are. Apart from the crazy cute animal animations, the comics also have really funny and nice plots. Even though some of them get a little on the serious tone, there’s still value to them because you get to learn. The comics are relatable that makes them even more interesting.

2. Play dead!


This comic is so cute! Watching animals get along is the most adorable thing ever. It fills you with so much joy. If only everyone in the world could be this nice and friendly to each other!

3. Never give up!


The chicken really said that she’ll show the world what she is capable of. Up till now, I thought comics are only for humor but this comic teaches you a very important lesson.  Firstly, you should never look down upon someone and boast about your achievements or skills. Secondly, one should never lose faith in themselves. We should always trust in our abilities to achieve greater things and put effort into them.

It is not a piece of new information to us that animals make great companions. They are so loving and caring and allow us to love them. People who have pet lovers are probably already well-aware of this. A person’s flaws or shortcomings do not matter to their pet. A pet would love you regardless of the choices you make in your life. They will love you for who you are.

4. Time to litter on my dad’s head!


HAHA OMG! This is hilarious! The father was just trying to make his son feel better, instead, now he has to pay the price for an innocent lie. We wonder what’s he going to do when he wakes up and see a poop on his forehead.

5. Dying plant rushed to the hospital!


This comic has such an innocent concept behind it! If only it was that easy to save our dying plants. This comic also seems to have an underlying tone of environmental concerns, about how our plants are dying from the increasing global warming.

It is very touching to see that the artist of the comics is very sensitive and mindful of crucial issues of our planet e.g. animal extinction, companionship, self-fulfillment, and environmental issues. It is so heartwarming to see artists using their profession and art to display important messages to the public. They use their platform to bring awareness to the audience about things that matter. All these issues are crucial in the current time and we all should play our role in the change. Apart from the issues mentioned above, many artists have now also started using platforms to talk about sensitive issues like gender discrimination, homophobia, sexism, racism, and many other structural and societal concerns.

6. Laptops for animals!


It is not lost on us that cats prefer sleeping on the laptop over anything else. We would bring them the comfiest and most expensive bed but they would still choose to sleep on our laptop instead of their bed. They do it especially when we are using our laptop and are in the middle of important work. Apart from that, it is so adorable to see cows, elephants, and chickens buying laptops! We wonder how are they going to use it since they just can’t sleep on it, right? RIGHT?

7. Sad reality!


This is a rather sad one. I wish they both had made up when the older one was still alive. But hey, these comics are meant to bring a smile to your face so look at it in a positive manner!

I am really enjoying all the comics. What about you, are you liking them too? Is this what comes to your mind when you think about pets taking the role of humans? Well, I must say, animals look way cuter in playing the role of humans than actual humans. Also, don’t worry, we have a lot more coming up ahead. So, you better keep scrollin’ folks!

8. Dunk!


Does your child have a fever? No worries! All you have to do is put his head into the snow and the fever will be gone within a few seconds.

9. Most romantic dinner ever!


The dog really knows how to improvise. I don’t think anyone else would have come up with this idea.

10. The chaos of online classes!


No one is immune to online classes! Staying organized or even motivated during the quarantine and online classes is the hardest thing to do. This comic depicts the lives of all the students in quarantine. Imagining dogs taking online classes is so funny, though.

11. The proposal!

Aww, this is so adorable. If you did not know how monkeys propose to their lovers, now you know. This is the cutest wedding I have ever seen. The monkey holding heart-shaped balloons is melting my heart.

12. Stuffed mouth!


So it obviously took me a second to understand that the mouse had stuffed all the food in its mouth. This brought an instant smile to my face and laughed a little internally too. Seeing the chicken wearing a backpack is truly a rare sight.

13. Eco-friendly friends are the best!

And here is our amazingly designed comic focused on the theme of environmental issues. The amount of damage water waste and straws do to sea turtles is beyond our knowledge. It is so great to see artists using their art for change.

14. The caring dog!


Maybe this is how all our dogs think? If we really think about it, we obviously would not drag our dogs with us if they do not move. We wait for our dog to move so we can take it with us.

15. Love is Love!

The artist sheds light on the sensitive issue of homosexuality and the struggles they have to go through.

16. Oh, so this is why cats scratch.


17. Tips for COVID-19!

This is the best tip one can give to their friend during quarantine. No matter how much someone tries to convince you, avoid unnecessary hangouts.

18. The story of dolphins and fish!


19. Kiwi!

This is the most accurate representation of humans ever. Parents tell ridiculous stories to hide about pregnancy and reproduction.

20. The Eagle flipped!


The eagle really showed the monkey who is capable of more and the dog is there to cheer!

21. Our imaginary girlfriends!

Admit it, we all single people have imagined having a partner. That is all we can do.

22. Dark reality


This illustration sheds light on one of the darkest aspects of humans and their deeds. Poverty is a cruel devil that makes people resort to horrible decisions. Many parents give up their kids in exchange for amounts. It is an ugly side to this world that a lot of privileged people are still unaware of. This illustration completely breaks you!

23. The dark side of social media

We are all aware at this point of what social media comprises of and how smitten people are with filters, editing and photoshop. We must not get deceived by the image people try to portray of themselves on social media. Social media is an escape for everyone and everyone is posting the best version of themselves. We must keep reminding ourselves that the standards on social media should not be followed!

24. Hindered self-confidence

Unfortunately, many of us have lost the confidence to accept ourselves the way we are and instead choose to dig ourselves into the filter.

25. The lone wolf!

The different one in the family is always assumed to be adopted.

26. Goodboy!


Oh boy, this would be so funny if it actually happens. Dogs must be so confused about what their actual names are.

27. Bunny’s successful attempt to cat-fish


Damn, someone just got catfished! Those dating apps never work.

28. Rain is for humans only!

It is so funny that sea creatures do not experience rain the way creatures and humans on lands do.

29. Cat to the rescue!


Stay careful mouse, the cat is out there to steal your partner!

30. Playing hard to get!

It’s always the ones who are playing hard to get who really likes you.

31. The battle of languages.

32. Bath for everyone!


This illustration is just too cute! We have so many animals in one poor The monkey playing with the little duck makes this even more precious.

33. The unknown!

Can you believe that your pets don’t even know that so many other animals exist?

34. Good boy!

He really is a good boy now. Cleanliness should be our priority!

35. Pets keeping pets


Do animals also have pets?

36. Big guy to the rescue

37. The Robot vacuum

All the efforts went to waste!

38. Put me down, right now!


The turtle does not seem happy that he is being used as an umbrella.

39. Awww… what a cutie!

40. Mask up!

I absolutely love that the artist used their art to encourage people to wear masks. It is so important for all of us to follow proper SOPs.

So what did you all think of these comics? They were so fun to scroll through and most of them were also very informative and educational. Art serves some purpose in one way or another. Even if art is not bringing any social issue to light, it still connects people and makes people feel important emotions. We all sure imagine what it would be like if animals and our pets spoke and were just like humans, but never did anyone of us an had imagination like that of this artist. These comics are so creative and precise in their message, it is impressive. I hope we get to see more of this artist’s work.

Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!


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