Man Tweets Saying Periods Are Disgusting, So Internet Brutally Puts Him To Place

Periods are natural.

It’s time that people accept the natural processes that a woman’s body go through. We are supposed to bleed every month, childbirth is not all roses and hugs and that is just how it is.

However, let me give you a fair warning. Do not mess with women on their period. Wait, cross that. Do not mess with women in general. Just ask this guy. He decided to bother the whole female community by saying periods are disgusting. And well, he got obliterated.

Scroll down below to see his destruction:

And the ladies shot back:

TMI for the guy but we feel you, sis.

It’s not just the blood. We get poop problems too.

Then come the mood swings.

This is what the pain feels like.

Talking about menstruation is important.

This is what we go through every month.

Periods or hot flashes, what’s worse?

Poor girls go through so much.

The women got a lot of support from others.

No uterus, no opinion.

What do you think? Are you on the guy’s side or do you support the ladies? Let us know in the comments below.

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