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20 Pawmusing Cat And Dog Tweets To Heal Your Soul

Imagine being in a room with a silly cat and a goofy dog, trust me, you will definitely have the time of your life. These two species can make you go crazy and keep you up on your toes for as long as they want, because who are we kidding? They own us! They have us under their magic spell where all we can think about is them, keep taking care of them and shower them with unconditional love (and treats) so that they never leave us. See! They are the true geniuses, the mega minds behind this whole planning to take over hoomans. Although I highly suspect that day is far away because let’s face it, we are already bewitched and can hardly zone out of it.


Hoomans prepare yourself for a crazy bit of series of hilarious cat and dog tweets that will make you laugh hysterically and also you would want to snuggle and cuddle every single tiny one of them. Their little paws will make you go crazy and swoon at their adorableness but also want to hold your tummy for the day because of how silly they are!

Keep scrolling for an extra dose of fun and goofy dog and cat tweets!

1. That is how you should do it!

via  @WesleyLowery

2. ‘I don’t play the game, I play the man!’

via  @ben_rosen

3. How I feel every time!

via  @drivingmemadi

4. Told you, we are bewitched!

via  @clapifyoulikeme

5. Cat.exe has stopped working…

via  @MatthewTPritt

6. The prized possession…

via  @thegallowboob

7. And you thought animals don’t have “dealers”?

via @RussianMemesLtd

8. The cat looks horrified!

via  @fairydreamys

9. Be like Hardhat Cat!

via @gwenckatz

10. No comments!

via  @SenatorMeow

11. Cat be like, “No good sir, I don’t drink. I’m only here to chill”

via @SeanKeany_

12. Yep, that’s because there never will be a list!

via  @PAVGOD

13. Show some respect!

via  @adviceburner
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14. Kinda sus though!

via  @Matarael

15. Cats don’t like their attention shared!

via  @BudrykZack

16. Getting the inspiration!

via  @WholesomeMeme

17. She knows her place…

via  @Shappikhorsandi

18. Damn, he’s handsome!

via  @larsonrichard

19. The toughest competition to exist!

via  @glennis_menace

20. The best spot in the entire world!

via  @danieltilles1

21. Wouldn’t want that to happen!

via  @SlimiHendrix

Honestly, it is a cat’s and a dog’s world and we are just living in it. While they are definitely thriving in it. They have yet again proven that they are the sneakiest and the most unpredictable species when it comes to astonishing people. They are your daily dose of happiness and they genuinely make such a huge impactful difference in your life. Since Egyptian cats were not able to take over the world, now they have gathered and sided with the dogs to dominate over the world like they have dominated our hearts and our houses.

They are truly angels sent from above to take extra care of us and make us feel loved, become our friends and loyal companions, teach us how to cope up with difficult situations, and rely on them as constant support. They are literally way too precious for this world and we do not deserve them!

I loved these silly tweets! I hope you do too. Let us know what you thought and which one was your favorite in the comment section.


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