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50 People Realized They Were Dating Or Married To A Weirdo But It Was Too Late

The understanding and friendship between two individuals form a beautiful relationship. The initial phase of a relationship is known as the honeymoon period. There is an intimate connection with overwhelmingly romantic feelings in the aura. Both individuals feel that they have found the “one” or how one is perfect for the other, depending on the personalities that can be similar or different. At the end of the day, it comes down to compatibility. Through thick and thin you want to be there for the other partner and you simply wouldn’t want to miss out on a single second without them. The time spent together is cherished and the awkward boundaries between both start fading away to a comfortable level, without any hesitation.

Eventually,  we find ourselves getting way too comfortable and start exposing our less glamorous side. These unexpected affairs make women question their partners and these posts are the perfect example of embracing the true nature of a man. The shenanigans of the partners are ironic on so many levels. However, this is no way to undermine men, these posts ahead are just the common issues that women face on a daily basis.

1. If it spills, I apologize.

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2. When you don’t like the sides so you leave them all over.

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3. The perfect delayed Halloween gift for Christmas.


4. The mix-up is a tad bit too realistic, right?

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5. The sealable bag just lost its purpose.

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6. When your partner wants comfort over cuddling.

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7. This is the way to eat an apple.

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8. Men saving up space in the freezer that hasn’t been cleaned in ages.

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9. The character on the carton is dreading its existence.

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10. That is one way to change the topic real quick.

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11. When you do not find the right card for the occasion but have the brains!

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12. Never leave things behind in the oven.

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13. The ideal way to cut a loaf of bread.

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14. The breakup story.

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15. Gardening done right!

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16. The way to use cheese with precision.

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17. The leftover crumbs are worth savouring for later.

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18. Just keep the mug on the coaster that is not so far away.

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19. Overprotective boyfriends.

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20. The cookie-eating monster from Holland.

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21. The solid the exterior, the fancy the console.

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22. When your wife instructs you yet you make sure she never does that again.

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23. This is how you start your weekends.

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24. This was indeed a special moment.

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25. When you find garbage lying in the fridge.

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Some studies in the US estimate that around half the marriages end up in divorce and separation. However, the question stands as to what interferes between the honeymoon phase and divorce? A team of scientists in 2020 led by Menelaos Apostolou of the University of Nicosia in Greece, came to the conclusion that lack of enthusiasm, personal time, space, and extended working hours are common factors that interfere with thriving relationships. If that got you questioning your partner, on the other end of the spectrum, one-third of the adults face no issues in maintaining long-term romantic relationships.

Lack of enthusiasm kicks in when the timeline of the relationship increases. Both partners tend to get bored, tired, lack passion, and the romantic love in the aura starts to fade away into the realities of life, sometimes sooner than expected. This can become an issue for those who do not like following routines.

26. When you ask your partner to get some greens from the store.

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27. A dozen more coming up in a few days.

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28. Why would one even pile up a stack of chewed gum?

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29. Who needs a cone holder when you can just keep the cone like this?

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30. Never let him put his beer away on his own.

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31. The perfect definition of hoarding.


32. It is like giving children candy to have them taken away.

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Extended working hours also play a role, believe it or not. The length of the partner’s commute can indicate divorce rates. Those who are too invested in work can prioritize things that undermine the basics of a relationship by being less involved for starters.

Not getting the “me” time we all need sometimes can make you feel suffocated and make it hard to maintain romantic relationships. The persistent nagging will make you feel constrained from doing anything else throughout the day. Alongside, there are various other issues that couples face that could be either one getting too clingy, character issues or just being bad in bed.

33. There is no concept of arranging a cupboard after groceries.

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34. A true keeper!

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35. The horror of having to come back home to this.

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36. The perfect pivot between the sink and the dishwasher.

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37. The number of gifts for all the remembered celebratory events.

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38. The perfect way to measure a full litre of water.

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39. To use the razor, clog up the sink, and still are not grateful for the partner…

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40. The knife is just too sharp to cut through literally everything.

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41. The nerve they have to walk out of the house like this.

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42. After splitting up with the boyfriend last night, turns out he stole the toilet on his way out.

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43. When you ask for a different Nintendo switch and you get this instead.

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44. “Solution Engineer” has it all sorted out.

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45. The multi-tasker to play video games and cuddle at the same time.

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46. The dirt and the strength to still think it “Mixes In His Stomach Anyway”.

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47. Who needs a glass when you can use hacks 101.

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48. The perfect maternity shoot!

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49. This is just unethical on so many levels.

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50. At least four is an even number as of yet.

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Dr Kristie Overstreet, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist talks about how men deal with their own issues in a relationship and women deal with their own. This is not to frame gender as the bad one, rather the focus is on both the individuals. It has more to do with how men were raised across all relationships. They might have fear of rejection, anxiety, and lingering depression, alongside other mental disorders. In addition, having the pressure of being the breadwinner, and performance anxiety in bed are common factors that men worry about in their relationships. During an interview, Kristie stated, “Men are taught from a young age to not talk about their problems or struggles. Men aren’t allowed to show or express emotions”. This can indicate a root cause of issues swooping in relationships. After all, at the end of the day, we all are human, and having to manage emotions, as well as effective communication, are vital things that should be present in every couple. Did you enjoy reading the article? I am sure you might have found many things you may relate to.


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