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22 Times People Who Got “New” Dogs After Visiting A Groomer

Who says grooming sessions are only for humans? Our adorable pets deserve these pampering sessions as much as we do. Well, despite grooming being essential for our furry canines, it’s still a gamble because you can’t really predict what result you’ll be receiving post-grooming. Considering the ‘ whole new look ‘ concept, there is a conspiracy going about the professional dog groomers that they probably swap the doggies because how can the doggies change so dramatically with only a touch of beautification?

Here are some doggos who grew out into furry bears during the pandemic and went for their first grooming session post-lockdown. The owners almost disowned these adorable woofies for looking so different after some cutting and shaving. Truly the parents of these dogs can’t be blamed for doubting whether these dogs really are theirs or if there’s some kind of misunderstanding, as their floofs actually did change 180 degrees.

Here are some of the most surprising transformations the adorable dogs could ever experience!

1. Those adorable eyes had been hiding under the fur, all this time

via Nicola Roberts

2. From fluff to sharp

via Meredith Huber

3. This one has some reservations regarding the look

via Chris Williams

4. What the fur? Is that really the same doggo

via Liz Evans

5. Buddy isn’t happy about the new look

via Kris Zeimen

6. I almost took him back for not looking like my dog until he responded to his name

via April Hazell

7. Groomer’s magic not only changes the look it also sometimes plays with the breed!

via Mekesha Nielson Boger

8. Charlie looks so neat!

via Sam Gillies

9. Presenting you, Puppy eyes!

via Catherine Farnsworth

10. If ‘ new look new me ‘ had a face

via Tiffany Johnson

11. “One visit to a groomer equals one new dog”

via Corine van Ommen

Among this lightheartedness, there’s a point of concern that needs to be brought to attention too. Grooming sessions often put the dog under emotional stress, the reason isn’t well known but it’s something that happens pretty often. Hereby, when professional groomers were asked about this specific matter, they clearly emphasized the point that it is the owner’s responsibility to take their dog for regular grooming sessions so that it gets used to the whole process.

Moreover, it is important to take your dog only to professional groomers as this is a very critical process that requires skill and technique. If not taken care dogs can get scissor/blade/shaver cuts or could get hurt in other ways too. Grooming sessions aren’t just essential for giving your dog a neater and cleaner look rather it is also important to ensure the hygiene of the dog.

12. What going to school after the summer vacation calls for

via Leigh Meek

13. No more ponytails, finally

via Mary Thuc-Uyên Ly

14. He is happy that he can see his food clearly now

via Kaylee Harris

15. The fluffer the cuter

via Tami Teahon Alexander

16. New look same old goofball

via  Alejandra Pena

17. Beard game is still strong even after getting groomed

via Danja Mewes

18. They can’t be the same dogs, unbelievable

via Lauren Deirdre

19. From doodle to poodle

via Rickie Moose-French

20. Seems like a messy boy has been turned into a sweet little girl

via Jenna Darlington

21. He wants his hair back

via Arthur Duggan

22. All set for the game day with a clear view without all the hair impeding the sight

via Elizabeth Whidbee

This whole process is no less than spinning a fortune wheel, if the dog’s look doesn’t turn out to be what you had explained to the groomer it can change the dog’s vibe all in all. However, there have been times when dogs came out in their finest look after being groomed.

Have you come across a similar situation where you almost unrecognized your dog for looking so different after its visit to the groomer? Do let us know in the comments below!


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