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22 Hysterical Pics Proving That Pets Leave A Special Mark On Our Lives

Human lives can be tinted a different shade with the slightest of changes. It’s true that even the tiniest of interactions and experiences can change our lives in very significant ways. But nothing compares to the amount of colors having a pet can bring into your life.

Pets are a source of happiness and comfort in our everyday lives. While it is undeniable that these fluff balls of joy provide us with a plethora of emotional benefits, it is also true that they bring about a variety of other changes in our lives, most notably in our homes and surroundings. Pets have a way of inhabiting your home in a way that makes it feel like every part of your house was made keeping their accommodation in mind. They sleep in the most inconvenient of places and strut around your house as if they are the only ones who live there. Eventually, they become so familiar with the area that it begins to feel like they actually belong there. Here, we have compiled a collection of moments that pet-owners captured when they felt adoration at how their pets have influenced their lives. We hope seeing them will bring a smile to your face and make you feel a little better!

1. This cat has carved out a path for herself on this carpet.

Via  Lunar-Bab**n / Reddit

“My cat has worn her own path into the carpet on the stairs.”

2. Cats as RPG Characters!

Via  just_ditti / Reddit

“I got my cats tattooed as RPG characters.”

3. Have you ever seen a 2000 Piece Dog Puzzle?

Via tsaltaeerf / Reddit

“Turned a collage into a 2000-piece puzzle after I lost my best boy.”

4. Can you count how many doggos are there in this photo?

Via  Deckardisthething / Reddit

“I was worried the dogs would lose their bond with me when I left home… thankfully they prove me wrong when I visit.”

5. A Lovely Paw-Resin Keychain.

Via Wildlife-outside / Reddit

“This resin keychain I made was inspired by my cat.”

6. Nobody will ever have to deal with the rejection after this proposal.

Via  jovialinfiltration30 / Reddit

“Yes, puppers should always be involved in the proposal.”

7. Purr-fect Frame!

Via sleeplesscatss / Reddit

“Got some photos of my children printed off today.”

8. His girlfriend must be feeling jealous!

Via goochmongering / Reddit

“My boyfriend has a very special relationship with our Siamese cat, Kupo.”

9. A Perfect Nose-Shaped Mark!

Via  hyaher / Reddit

“My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfectly nose-shaped mark behind.”

10. Drawing: Then vs Now!

Via  WilliAnne / Reddit

“I made drawings of my cat — 2 years ago vs. 5 minutes ago.”

11. There should be a small window on this fence.

Via  HoldMyPitchfork / Reddit

“The path my dog wore in the lawn from going back and forth to talk to the neighbor’s dog.”

A recent survey found that 70% of families have a pet. And it’s simple to see why so many people enjoy spending time with their four-legged companions. Aside from providing unconditional love to their owners, dogs can serve as an inspiration for a wide range of creative endeavors. And the physical traces they leave behind inside the house only serve to emphasize how deeply integrated they’ve been into the home.

Scroll down to have a look at some more aww-dorable images!

12. The cutest cuddle buddies!

Via neptuna15 / Reddit

“My 3-year-old son has a special bond with our cat. He hugs, cuddles, and speaks to him all the time.”

13. Pee Spots!

Via Tlaky / Reddit

“You can clearly see my dog’s favorite peeing spots.”

14. This cat is lying in a tattoo position.

Via jordanelisabeth / Reddit

“My cat laying in roughly the same position as my tattoo of her.”

15. A lovely way to express your love!

Via Tinklebee / Reddit

“My very special pen just arrived. I bought it in commemoration of my beloved Siamese cat, Charlotte.”

16. A shirt like this should be worn by every dog lover.

Via Prior-Resist4486 / Reddit

“I love my dog so much I got a T-shirt with his photo on it.”

17. Best Tattoo!

Via MrMeow8 / Reddit

“Indy trying to make more paw print tattoos on my arm.”

18. A Scar like Tattoo.

Via Hogueea / Reddit

“My cat gave me a scar right above my tattoo that looks just like my tattoo!”

19. This coffee table had a picture of late dog.

Via shrimpydave / Reddit

“My dad engraved an image of our late dog on the coffee table he made me for Christmas.”

20. Their Plan Didn’t Work Well.

Via dissonantclear / Reddit

“Found a pregnant stray in our backyard 7 years ago. The original plan was to keep 2 and adopt out 4, but that didn’t last long.”

21. This is just so beautiful.

Via j_prk / Reddit

“My friend is relocating and asked me if he could bring my dog with him. Now she’ll be following him around everywhere, but forever.”

22. It’s hard to believe, but this is a 2000-year old paw print.

Via  tthirzaa / Reddit

“This is a 2000-year-old dog paw print.”

Which picture caught your eyes the most? Also, do you have a special bond with your furry friend? If so, let us know your story in the comments section below.


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