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18 Photos Of Pets That Will Brighten Your Day, Right Here and Right Now

When we’re feeling low, animals have the ability to lift our spirits. Their hilarity brightens our days, their love fills our souls, and their innocence renews our trust in the goodness of the human spirit. In addition to providing continual company and emotional support, pets are also a constant source of amusement and joy. When you come home from a long day at work and are welcomed with wet, slobbery kisses, there’s something immensely reassuring about it.


For many individuals, spending time with a pet is the best way to unwind after a long day at work or class. While stronger pet-owner ties are typically associated with the most stress alleviation, even brief contact with pets can result in positive changes. Numerous studies have shown that pets can be effective stress relievers, decreasing blood pressure as well as damaging stress hormones like cortisol, which is linked to sadness and anxiety. This is why we gather these images not only for your enjoyment but also for your health!

When we’re feeling lonely or anxious, the charming tiny animals brighten our day with their tenderness and charm, making us feel better about ourselves. They radiate pleasant energy, which can instantly improve your mood and put a smile on your face when you are around them.  Pets can be a little foolish at times, especially when they are excited. Either through their actions or through their exaggerated reactions to the smallest of things. We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful animal photographs to brighten your day on even the most dreary of days. Your attention will be drawn to them by their innocence and beautiful eyes. If you’re having a bad day or just need a pick-me-up, take a few minutes to laugh at these adorable animal images. Keep reading for some real cuteness, from lovely hedgehogs to charming piglets.

1. You know it is serious when the dog has its own mat!

via © zyzzx92/Reddit

2. “Wha- What do you mean by no more cookies?!”

via © anac1979 / Reddit

3. “Hi, I’m Kylo. I can make people fall in love with a single picture!”

via © dog_rates/Twitter

4. Those tiny hands, that cute color. This has gotta be the most adorable hedgehog ever!

via © mikthehope/Reddit

5. A cute family picture!

via © buzzyb816/Reddit

6. That must have been a pretty funny joke!

via © NormaStewart / Reddit

7. This is Sonic. A shy and cute little Hedgehog!

via © M_C_McMark/Reddit

8. The cuddliness of this photograph is out of this world!

via © elo_bee/Reddit

9. Did someone order cotton candy?!

via © natsirTi/Reddit

10. The keyboard says it all!

via © laulau1501/Reddit

11. “My job is to just sit and look pretty!”

via © SachiCaesar/Reddit

12. Don’t pop his personal bubble!

via © dog_rates/Twitter

13. This looks like a doggo straight out of an animated movie!

via © unknown/Reddit

14. Dobby, is that you?!

via © apriorinaked_sphynx / Instagram

15. Let’s go on a ride!!!

via © BlueJeepGirl78/Reddit

16. For only $3.99?! That is a stealer deal!

via bodegacatsofinstagram

17. “Meet Dr. Leon Advogato.”

via dr_leon_advogato/

18. That looks like a catalog picture!

via thiswildidea/

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that they’re like tiny wicked villains who enjoy causing havoc for the purpose of it. We can’t help but laugh at dogs. No matter what animal you choose as a pet, the very fact that they are there will instantly lift your spirits. When you’re having a bad day, some research suggests that looking at photographs of adorable animals can do more than just brighten your attitude. For us, it’s a simple solution that works wonders. When we’re feeling down or anxious, the adorable animals lift our spirits with their tenderness and attractiveness. So, if you have any adorable pictures of pets that you want to share to make others happy. Feel free to share with us!


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