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The Potential CATastrophes Involved In Being a Cat Owner (13 Photos)

Whatever act our cats pull, we will never even thinking of giving them away. It does not matter how many times they pee and poop on your bed or carpet, or vomit everywhere, we still want to keep them around.


Cats are quite a handful. They wake up at 6:00 AM and keep meowing on your sleepy face until you feed them. It does not matter how late you slept, they will wake you up from your much-needed sleep and make you feed them. There are things you always have to make sure of when you have a cat. You cannot have light-colored sofas and carpets, especially not white! Think 100 times before keeping a glass vase. You do not want to spend a big amount of money on a pretty vase only to have it broke the next day by your evil cat. There are many more messes that cats are capable of making. We have collected some pictures below that show what our evil cats are capable of.

Scroll below to witness the madness!

1. You are eating without me?

Cats will always poke at your food and disturb you while you are eating. It does not matter if you fed them just a while ago, they would still want your food. If you are getting a cat, be ready to always have company when you are eating.

2. Puzzle went wrong I guess…


Damn, that is a loss. Imagine you complete a big puzzle and your cat ruins it before you even take a picture of it to capture the moment. Steam will probably come out of your ears because of all the anger.

3. Watch out for the tiny but pointy claws!


4. Wasn’t that for me to break?


People with cats know what a hassle it is to own earphones when you have a cat in the house. You cannot have the same earphones for more than just a few weeks. Your cat will find them and come for them, no matter how much you try to protect them/

5. It kinda looks like a good pattern…


Cats know how to leave a mark.

6. Who’s going to clean up the mess, missy?


Oh God, why do cats want us to have a miserable life? If it was in their power, they would make us clean the house all day long.

7. How dare you think you can have food without sharing it with me?


She likes it, she gets it! Those eyes are hungry for whatever comes in their way and that tongue is saying Bon appetite. The human was silly to think he can have this slice of bacon all to himself.

8. Food time, human!


I know that look. It is the “I am hungry, feed me or I will bite you” face. Do not even think about messing with her!

9. You can never have your blinds curtains safe and sound when you have a cat in the crib!


10. Awww, such a tiny fellow!


I would let this tiny munchkin bite my nose any time!

11. Oh damn, mommy specifically asked me not to ruin her white carpet…I am doomed

What was the human thinking by getting a white carpet while having a cat in home? Huge mistake!

12. Poor door…


13. Is that all for me?

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We love some CATastrophe! It is a rollercoaster to have a cat. You have to stay alert all the time. But that has its charm, right? Your cat is like a little child you have to look after and make sure they do not rip your bedsheets apart. Their cuteness makes up for all the mess they create. Cat lovers know what they have gotten themselves into. They are in for the whole ride!

Do you have a cat? Share some messiest moments with your cat in the comments below!


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