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Restaurant Owner Steps In And Kicks Out Customer For Being Rude With Employee

Coolest Boss Ever.

When someone enters a restaurant, they need to be sure about a couple of things. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the employees or waiters of that particular restaurant don’t deserve to be screamed at or misbehaved with, just because they’re working there. It is a really bad thing to do. Sure! if they’re wrong and not delivering what their job asks them to, you can go ahead and tell that to the manager there. There is a proper way of doing things and they’re considered more effective while keeping everyone’s respect but no one has the authority to belittle someone especially if that someone has a minimum paying wage job. But thank god that there are people who stand up for people who are being wronged, and it’s even more shocking when it’s your boss. Sure, bosses can be very hot-headed sometimes and sometimes make your life a bit hellish but they can also take a stand for people who work for them and bosses who keep a balance between work and their work ethics are some of the best.

So today we look at a Reddit story where the customer was creating a fuss and disturbing everyone at the restaurant. He even went ahead and made the life of an employee there miserable until the boss stepped in and kicked him out.


1. The employee was working hard and doing very well at this pizza place. Of course, this person worked in busy restaurants before and knew how to deal with things.

2. While working at this restaurant, A couple came in and sat down at the table. While managing work, the employee made a small mistake but the way that the customer reacted was too much.


3. He started shouting at the employee and made a very big fuss about it. Everyone at the restaurant started staring at the scene. It got so much that the owner had to step in.


4. He stood up for his waitress, asking the customer to leave. Until the customer started threatening him. Which he shrugged off. Like a boss.


5. After the customer left, he told his employee that she’s been doing a great job and she has nothing to worry about.


6. He ended this awesome story by letting all of us know the importance of workplace ethics and how, if a customer is wrong…well they shouldn’t be considered as customers.


We personally think that this boss deserves an award for being there for his employees and for making rude customers realise their ill-treatment. No one should be shouted at especially when they’re serving you. Do you have an issue? go and complain to the owner or the manager so the issue can be dealt with the right way.

With that said, we conclude this article. Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comment section below.


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