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A Woman Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Save The Life Of A Homeless Injured Cat

She is a lifesaver!

I can not think of a bigger achievement than saving a life. It is the kind of act that makes the person feel immensely happy, satisfied and grateful. Saving a life is the kindest act in the world, the most meaningful and bravest thing ever. The feeling you get after that is incomparable and very strong. Those emotions are so powerful, the feeling so ecstatic I am sure there is nothing that would make a person as satisfied and genuinely happy as successfully saving someone’s life. It is not an easy job and not for everyone, only the purest and kindest of souls are able to do this. Be it a human, animal or bird, does not matter. It can be as small as an ant or as big as a whale. It can be a human or a plant. No matter what size, they all are living organisms therefore they all deserve to be saved from dying when their life is in danger.


As human beings, it is our duty to help one another, help those in need of it. Take this woman by the name of Melissa as an example. She shared her amazing cat rescue story. She works at a pet store, she walks there every day and she had absolutely no clue that one day her life would be completely changed after meeting a cat. The cat that she was destined to rescue and raise. Keep on scrolling down to read her full story…

1. One day, Melissa was working at the pet store when she saw a cat coming in clearly hungry and looking for food. She did not think twice before feeding her.

2. Everything was going smoothly as the cat became a regular visitor after that, she would come looking for Melissa to get something to eat from her. It all went wrong when the cat went missing for five days straight, it really worried Melissa.


It is impossible to not fall in love with an animal that you are looking after, it is impossible to not worry about its health and whereabouts when it goes missing. The kind of connection a caretaker of an animal has with its pets is indescribable. Melissa had obviously grown fond of the cat, she awaited her arrival every day and it was absolutely a big disappointment for her to know the cat would probably never return. It also worried her a lot, she was stressed that she had no idea where she must be and what must she was going through. But one day, all of Melissa’s prayers were answered as she saw the same cat walking towards the store after days. Melissa was in shock to see the state the cat was in. When the cat came back to the store, she was almost unrecognizable because of the injuries and dirt. In fact, she needed immediate medical attention because of the screw that was stuck in her chin and a huge abscess on her face. Melissa immediately called a vet and the cat got admitted to the hospital. Keep on scrolling down to read the rest of the story…

3. The cat was very nervous and afraid of everyone in the beginning but slowly relaxed. The poor thing was in too much pain and shock, we can not blame her for protecting herself.

She was taken to the vet who gently and calmly helped the cat to relax. They also fed her after that and then took her to examine the abscess that damaged the cat’s face.


4. After 45 long days, the cat was lucky enough to survive and heal. She was finally healthy and fully recovered when she was given back to Melissa.


Meissa had spent thousands of dollars to save the cat’s life and she never regrets doing it because she really wanted it to live a happy and healthy life. God bless both of them! Have you ever saved a life? Tell us your story in the comments down below…


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