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11 Actors Share Their Worst On Set Experiences That Sound Like Nightmares

Being an actor is not as easy as it might seem.

We all are too quick to criticized actors whenever we see their movies, we are ready to give our judgments and opinions as if we are experts. No one really knows the restless hard work they all put in to make the film a successful one. Each and every crew member, every one participating in the making of the film is always working with their whole hearts and no rest at all. The mental pressure is very exhausting as well.

We can only imagine how tiresome it must be to actually do the acting but besides that the costume and make up are a whole another story. They say the more real it looks on TV, the more difficult it is for the actors to wear. We have a bunch of celebrities who shared their worst on set experiences and they are actually nightmares. Keep on scrolling down to read the real story behind these costumes…

1. Rebecca Romijn, Movie: X-men.

It took the make up artists 12 crucial hours to complete the whole body make up. Later they sped it up to 7 hours but we hardly believed that it was any less difficult. The actress said that she spent most of her time sitting tiredly in the make up artist’s chair as she had to start her make up at midnight so it could be done by 9 in the morning to start filming. They glued the scales to her body at first and then they would paint her body blue. The actress confessed that the most annoying part about the whole transformation was definitely the costume leaving blue marks all over her body.

Image Credit: © X-Men / Marvel Entertainment Group© X-men / American Cinematographer

2. Lily James, Movie: Cinderella.

The magical dress was not that magical after all. The dress consisted of 12 layers of silk in many different colors, it took Lily around 45 minutes to wear the heavy dress with an extremely uncomfortable and tight corset.“When [the corset] was on we would be on continuous days so we wouldn’t stop for lunch —you’d be sort of eating on the move. In that case, I couldn’t untie the corset. So if you ate food it didn’t really digest properly and I’d be burping all afternoon in [Richard Madden]’s face, and it was just really sort of unpleasant. I’d have soup so that I could still eat, but it wouldn’t get stuck.” Lily explained.


Image Credit: © Cinderella / Walt Disney Pictures

3. Paul Bettany, Movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It took Paul’s makeup artist around three and a half hours to complete his make up which consisted of his face being covered in multi-layered make up. We can only imagine how horrible that must be. After that, he had to wear an extremely tight spandex suit, luckily, it had cooling water tubes installed in it to keep the actor from overheating.


Image Credit: © Avengers: Age of Ultron / Marvel Studios

4. Peter Mayhew, Movie: Star Wars.

It is said that Chewbacca’s costume was actually made of Yak hair and mohair, the shooting took place in the snowy area where Chewbacca’s skin would get wet and it would start smelling extremely bad. It was a nightmare for the actor and for the crew as well.


Image Credit: © The Empire Strikes Back / Lucasfilm Ltd.

5. Anthony Daniels, Movie: Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV)

First of all, the shooing took place in Tunisia which has a very hot climate. It did not help with wearing the 60 pound costume that took two hours to put it on. On the first day of shooting, a little part of the costume’s left leg shattered and cut the actor’s leg.


Image Credit: © Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) / Lucasfilm Ltd.

Oh, God! It sounds so horrible. After reading the reality behind the costumes, these actors have really gained so much of my respect. This is so impressive and I feel like they do not really get appreciated enough. I mean no amount of money would be enough to wear uncomfortable clothes and make up, act for hours, get sleep deprived, have injuries and have an unhealthy diet. At least, the real amount that they get paid is seriously not enough for the outstanding and extremely difficult role they play. One must get tired of that same exhausting routine that must go on for months or maybe years. These actors really deserve so much more than they actually get, they all did an amazing job. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be to sit in a chair for hours and hours every day for a year or so. Nothing is exaggerated here. As perfect as it may look, it definitely sounds like a nightmare. Keep on scrolling down to read more about the costumes worn in the movies…

6. Val Kilmer, Movie: Batman.

Batman’s outfit took about an hour to put it on and almost the same amount of time to take it off, you just never get used to the cult costume. It required a big team of assistants to help with this torture. When the time arrived to visit the washroom, the actor had to take the help of the same big team of assistants which must be very embarrassing.


Image Credit: © Batman Forever / Warner Bros. Pictures

7. Michelle Pfeiffer, Movie: Batman Returns.

The actress still recalls the 30 year old nightmare every now and then. They would cover her whole body from head to toe with talc and then they would put her in an extremely tight latex suit. As if it was not uncomfortable enough, they would suck out any extra air inside the bodysuit with a vacuum. Then later they would cover the whole suit with silicon based gel to give it a glossy look. The actress says that she had to wear it for several hours every day and the visit to the bathroom would always be adventurous.


Image Credit: © Batman Returns / Warner Bros.

8. Oscar Isaac, Movie: X-Men: Apocalypse.

Being the movie’s main villain was not an easy role at all. The costume weighed around 40 pounds and took several hours to make and put on his body, which consisted of lots of glue and latex. Oscar was extremely excited to be working alongside numerous great actors but when it came to shooting, he realized that he had to work alone and had to arrive earlier than the rest of them.


Image Credit: © X-Men: Apocalypse / Marvel Entertainment

9. Emma Stone, Movie: The Favourite.

This movie is set in the 18th Century when ladies used to wear tight corsets as a fashion statement. All of the female actresses experienced what it is like to be squeezed in tight corsets. Emma said that it was extremely difficult to breathe normally in that dress, it took a whole month for her body to adjust to it and for her to get used to it. Her internal organs also shifted after a while but she was lucky enough to overcome these issues.


Image Credit: © The Favourite / Element Pictures

10. Doug Jones, Movies: The Shape of Water.

It is said that on the shooting day the actor had to arrive three hours earlier on the set than his colleagues because that is how much time it required to do his make-up to transform into the character of the amphibian man he is playing in the movie. The first step was to wear the tight latex bodysuit that needed four assistants to help to pull on the actor’s body. Then secondly, they would put the gloves on his hands that had membranes on them. Lastly, the fiberglass neck pads and also a helmet was attached to him. The helmet had a very special built-in gill control mechanism. Even though the actor has done various roles as a monster in movies this one was probably the most memorable one for the actor. He said that it was impossible for him to breathe through his mouth, he felt so helpless because he was not even able to open a door by himself.


Image Credit: © The Shape Of Water / TSG Entertainment

11. Jeff Bridges, Movie: Tron.

The costume designers were given a big and extremely important task to prevent the “digitized” Flynn, Jeff Bridges’ character, from having any anatomic characteristics. To make that happen, they made Jeff wear an extremely tight and special bandage that was actually covered with tight overalls. The actor’s bottom part of the costume was so tight and clung to the body like a second skin. The actor also jokingly said that he still has scars on his body from those tight bandages he wore for that movie.

Image Credit: © Tron / Walt Disney Productions

I am truly amazed and horrified at the same time, I really had no idea actors had to go through so much to put together one look. So much hard work, effort and time have been put into these looks. Hard work of not only actors but crew members, costume designers and make up artists as well. They all deserve to be praised and appreciated for their otherworldly works. Which costume do you think looks the best? Let us know in the comments down below…


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