20 Celebrity Men Who Get More Handsome As They Age

Age is just a number.

Who said we have to get uglier as we age? Who said we do not have to stay fit and healthy as we age? We need to take care of ourselves regardless of our ages. Staying fresh, getting new haircuts, keeping ourselves in check with the latest fashions and wearing good clothes can make us feel a lot better on the inside as well. Some of us age like fine wine; the older we get, the better we look. Time reveals the true potential of a person and what they can look like. When it comes to celebrity men, they really know how to take care of themselves. To stay in the game and keep themselves in the flashlight, they stay fresh and updated with the latest fashions take care of their bodies and remain fit. This makes us drool all over them when they make appearances in new movies or red carpet events. Scroll down below to see 20 celebrity men who get more handsome as they age:

1. David Beckham — 44 years old

© davidbeckham / Instagram© davidbeckham / Instagram

2. Brad Pitt — 55 years old


© The Favor / Orion Pictures© Invision/Invision/East News

3. Dylan McDermott — 58 years old


© The Blue Iguana / Paramount Pictures© Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/BWP Media/East News

4. Tom Cruise — 57 years old


5. Jensen Ackles — 41 years old


© Supernatural / CW

6. Johnny Depp — 56 years old


© A Nightmare on Elm Street / Warner Bros© Gael Colliguet/KCS/East News

7. Hugh Jackman — 51 years old


© Kate and Leopold / Miramax© Ron Adar / M10s / MEGA/Mega Agency/East News

8. Cary Elwes — 57 years old


© The Princess Bride / 20th Century Fox© Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News

9. Zac Efron — 32 years old


© High School Musical / Disney© zacefron / Instagram

10. Keanu Reeves — 55 years old


© Constantine / Warner Bros© John Wick Chapter 3 / Lionsgate

How do they do it?! What is their secret? Have they drunk from the fountain of youth or something? I guess we will never know. These guys were handsome before and they are still pulling it off today! Whether it’s our favourite high school musical boy Zac Efron or our badass Keanu Reeves, we stan all of them. We are only halfway through the list. Keep scrolling below to see the rest of them:

11. Jeff Goldblum — 67 years old

© Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures© jeffgoldblum / Instagram

12. Paul Rudd — 50 years old


© Clueless / Paramount Pictures© Ant-man and The Wasp / Marvel

13. Dermot Mulroney — 55 years old

© Must Love Dogs / Warner Bros© Fernando Allende/Broadimage/Broad Image/East News

14. Matthew McConaughey — 49 years old


© How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days / Paramount Pictures© Serenity / Avion Pictures

15. Tom Hardy — 42 years old

16. Jason Momoa — 40 years old


© Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images© Aquaman / Warner Bros

17. Christian Bale — 45 years old

© American Psycho / Lionsgate© CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/East News

18. Mads Mikkelsen — 53 years old


© Hannibal / NBC© theofficialmads / Instagram

19. Arnold Schwarzenegger — 72 years old

© The Predator / Fox Movies© schwarzenegger / Instagram

20. Robert Downey Jr. — 54 years old


© Chances Are / Sony Pictures© Avengers: End Game / Marvel

Which one is your favourite? Do you know any celebrities that age like fine wine? Let us know in the comments below!


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