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40 Pics Of Alaskan Malamutes Being The Biggest Floofs And Behaving Like Puppies

A series of forty pictures of Alaskan Malamutes whose size and fluffiness will absolutely amaze you.

Dogs are such wholesome and entertaining creatures, they keep on doing these adorable things that make you love them even more. Having a cat as your pet is like having a package full of entertainment. Their wholesomeness and adorability make your day. It is not wrong when they say that dogs are the most loyal of animals. Keeping a dog with you is definitely a thing everyone should experience once in a lifetime.

As dog lovers, we know that you all would have been waiting for some adorable dogs to brighten up your day. We have collected an enormous collection of Alaskan Malamutes, a dog breed that is mainly known for its size, strength, and endurance. Apart from that, they are also the fluffiest and warmest. They are quite heavy, about 30-40 kgs, and closely resemble the Huskies. If you are a dog lover, this post is definitely for you. Scroll down till the end to observe and meet 40 Alaskan Malamute who is truly adorable and friendly.

1. Big bro stays big bro but I got so much bigger than him, just Malamute things

via UnpopularOpinionated

2. He always sleep with his stuff toy and it is the cutest thing


via Lerchasaurus

3. The owner would be wishing he stayed the same size as now he is very hard to be handled


via ryukandl

4. A little of the owner’s face with the giant fluffy malamute


via sreggink1988

via Lifewithmalamutes

7. This one looks graceful, fierce and beautiful


via riverandthegank_malamute

8. What would you do for that beautiful cutest smile?


via robinmute

9. Hey there mister, are you going to the park without having me by your side?


10. You would have never seen a tiniest yet fluffiest ball of furry doggo in the shape of a baby malamute, now you have



11. I could not see the cat at first, there is so much furr all over

via lifewithmalamutes

12. Looks like the child is having one with her Alaskan furry mate


via mystic_radish

13. Now this is one of the cutest doggo I have ever seen, his outfit though

via Exotli8

14. A close up look, I am not sure if many will like it


via adventures_of_alpine

15. Just a regular malamute with his cutest hat at a Halloween party


16. Beware of the cuteness; it can melt your heart away in seconds!


via kdr019

17. I am definitely amazed at the enormity of their sizes

via odinunderfoot

18. It’s difficult to see the girl but the dog is absolutely full of cuteness and beauty



19. When they do not want to come inside and roll in the snow forever

via whattheschmitt

20. He looks many years old, meet Gibson, the great brown Alaskan malamute


via ryanmalpas

Aren’t these the cutest breed of dogs? Have you ever seen an Alaskan malamute around you? What was the size of it? I think these dogs are the most unique and must have been a fun-filled experience for these people to have these dogs. Want to see more of them? Keep scrolling till the end as we have got some more fluffl balls for you.

21. This one seems enormous; not sure if I can call him cute as I am a little afraid at the moment

via shortshat

22. Then vs Now, he surely got bigger in no time


via ggartin

23. Baby Alaskan malamutes grow in no time

via bethany__hart

24. Cute little bunk bed made for sibling malamutes to rest up


via awkwardtuna

25. Meet this great grand Alaskan malamute who cannot be fitted into the owner’s hand

via alaskanmalamute_jake

26. Beuaitufl white Malamute almost looks like a polar bear as he poses for the picture


via elvis.barksley

27. His fierceness looks perfectly captured in the moment


via jtpfei26

28. The owner did not realize it coming that the malamute would grow to this side one day, sad reacts only

via TonaldDump

29. When you are single and lonely but you have a giant malamute as a pet and partner; two in one


via TonaldDump

30. Cutest ball of creamy fluff found holding on the street

via ShellsRealm

31. POV: You taught him to sit and run and when you say “run!”, this is what is the sight in front of you

via sp1z99

32. 8 months before and 8 months after, this is how fast malamutes can grow


via king_kodah_malamute

33. The size difference looks funny but cute, a big floof versus a small floof

via nobu.themalamute

34. Making them fit into the car must be a hard task

via Alexleigh7

35. Beauty and the Beast part 2 with a beast whose actually beautiful


via trez_and_tydus

36. Presenting you a giant malamute family, two Alaskan malamute siblings, and their owner

via alaskindo_malamute

37. She is hardly sitting on the chair as the enormous Malamute makes his space

via trez_and_tydus

38. “My Malamute Just Turned 1, So We Celebrated With Balloons, Hats, And Carrot Cupcakes.”


via Exotli8

39. A little puppy yet the size of an enormous beast, yet filled with cuteness and fluffiness


40. Definitely ard to sit on the table with everyone when you have a size this big

via Malliemomx5

It is our duty at defused to provide you with entertainment and fun. We know that you loved every dog that you saw today and your day just got better. I must tell you, these were the best doggo stories I have seen so far. I could not control my laughter later. It’s cute how dogs can be weirdly funny and entertaining. I guess, this is what makes them special. So far, did you enjoy these dog snaps that we presented to you? Tell us which cat doggo you like the best? Also, does your dog also does such weird things, if it does, share with us in the comment section below? Do not forget to share your feedback in the comments. Stay tuned in for more fun and entertaining content.



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