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Cat Was Seen Helping Dog Cope With Anxiety After Owners Left The Two Home By Themselves

Animals understand each other’s emotions and are always up to help if it is needed.

Animals are better than humans in so many ways, One department in particular in which they excel far better than us is the department of understanding emotions and caring for each other. You should see animals care for one another, they don’t even care for their life once they have committed to the process. Animals really understand emotions and any human who thinks their pet has no idea what’s going on, you’re wrong. They know everything that happens around them and they feel it just as much as a human does. If one another feels the other one isn’t emotionally well, it will do everything in its power to help the unwell animal cope with the problem and help it to calm down. And trust, it won’t stop until things get better or the unwell animal calms down. Emotions have a massive significance and an animal knows their worth, that is why they put in so much effort to help an emotionally unstable animal. And that is exactly what happened in the story that we are about to share with you guys.


Brenna Eckert adopted a dog who she named Joulie didn’t have the best of pasts. The poor dog had previously been under the ownership of a very bad family who didn’t treat it right at all. The bad experience completely traumatized that dog and the trauma makes it really hard for animals to trust anyone again. You have to shower unlimited love and affection upon those animals and have a lot of patience because it will take a lot of time for them to give humans another shot, or to function properly. Anyways, Joulie at the time of adoption had anxiety and Brenna was asked to take close care of the dog because it did show some signs of it during the meeting.

Joulie had anxiety and she was shy of contact. Brenna, her mother, was advised never to leave her alone.

Brenna just couldn’t ignore this beautiful dog and decided to adopt it. She was ready to care for her and was committed to never let that anxiety grow on the dog. But that’s not all Brenna wanted. Brenna had plans to go the extra mile and eliminate Joulie’s anxiety completely. She never wanted her baby to feel anxious ever again. Providing that level of self-confidence was not going to be easy for her so she decided to take some help.

Brenna wanted to free Joulie from her anxiety forever and for this, she decided to adopt an orange tabby Kelvin and thought the duo’s bonding would help Joulie cope with her fears.


Brenna’s plan worked perfectly and exactly the way she wanted it to. Kelvin and Joulie were quick to develop a connection and soon formed an inseparable bond. The two became the best of friends. Even better, this new friendship allowed Joulie to start trusting again. It was a time taking process but things were working and both Kelvin and Brenna could feel it.

Once Brenna was confident that the plan has worked, she decided to put Joulie’s anxiety to the test by leaving the two pets at home by themselves.


Brenna installed a camera and had the live footage available on her phone just in case anything bad happened.

And Joulie didn’t get anxious at all. It worked. She had learned how to cope with anxiety.


Kelvin and Joulie played the entire time their mom was away. Brenna was really proud of what she achieved and gave all the credit to Kelvin for his amazing efforts. We love a confident Joulie!

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