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14 Amazing Dads Going An Extra Mile For Their Children

Every kid’s first superhero: Dad!

Fathers are one of the most important pillars in the family. They will do anything for their children’s happiness, they do not mind walking the extra mile for their kids, fathers protect their children with their own lives, they do hard work and even multiple jobs to make sure their kids have a good future, they will go to any extent for the betterment of their children, they are not embarrassed to do anything out of their comfort zone to provide entertainment or joy to their children. The list goes on and on and on. I can not explain how much a father loves their children, it is indescribable. Fathers are called children’s first superheroes for a reason.


Today, we have gathered a bunch of pictures from the internet of fathers around the world doing simple yet meaningful things for their children that will either make you tear up or have a laugh of joy. Keep on scrolling down to see these beautiful photographs…

1. “As a dad, giving my daughter the hairstyle that makes her feel like a queen always is a win in my book.”

Image credit: © Sanchvj11 / Reddit

2. “My son asked my dad if he knew where to find a treasure. He made a map and hid treasures around our property, and took him on a treasure hunt.”


Image credit: © thelastremake / Reddit

3. “A photo of me and my dad on a camping trip, 1987.”


Image credit: © StreetTacoNamdDesire / Reddit

4. “Some things never change.”


Image credit: © schwarzenegger / Twitter

5. “Me and my daughters, 25 years ago. I have lived a good life.”


Image credit: © NumericalMiracle / Reddit

6. “The go-cart my Dad built for me when I was around 6 years old (1996)”


Image credit: © joshuproar / Reddit

7. “My Dad teaching me how to skate! (1995)”


Image credit: © Fr***kzz9494 / Reddit

Ah, this image is so pure and beautiful. I just love the wide grin on her face. when we were little, every small thing that our fathers did for us felt so important and big. Our father would so much as cook us omelet and we would be in awe, that omelet would taste like breakfast from a five-star restaurant. Maybe, he was actually a great cook or it was just the fatherly touch in it. Whatsoever, everything our fathers did or do for us is never not meaningless or useless. Fathers know exactly what to do that would cheer up their children. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these wholesome family pictures…

8. “My dad shaved his head to support me losing my hair. So then, the obvious next thing to do was to take a “Bald is Beautiful” family portrait.”


Image credit: © lil_pixie8 / Reddit

9. “It’s tough being a single daddy.”


Image credit: © ThatOtherG*i / Reddit

10. “My dad would give me a ’señorita’ half-up style, and it was my favorite. Who says dads can’t be a mom too? (1994)”


Image credit: © BellaTrixStar / Reddit

11. “My Dad studying for his medical degree whilst looking after me. 1984”

Image credit: © dyream / Reddit

12. “Dad teaching me how to make cornbread. Houston, TX, 1986.”


Image credit: © jaimakimnoah / Reddit

13. “My dad rappelling with me strapped to his back in the early ’90s.”

Image credit: © middle_angel21 / Reddit

14. “My stepdad provided for our family during trying times.”


Image credit: © Kodai-in-a-ditch / Reddit

This was such a beautiful thing to read today. It definitely gave me flashbacks, all the good and amazing memories of childhood just came flooding back. Surely, made me realize the worth of my dad is infinite, incomparable and unmatchable. It does not matter if he is your stepdad or granddad, as long as he is a dad he is amazing and trust me, he will do anything for your betterment. Who do you love the most between your mother or father? And why? Let us know in the comments down below…


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