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16 Amazing Humorous Tweets About Extremely Cute Animals

Animals can win anyone’s heart.

Even though humans are considered superior to all the other living organisms, we still lack one thing very badly. That is not having the ability to win just anyone’s heart effortlessly. Animals take the cake when it comes to winning hearts without doing much, their extremely cute existence is enough to steal our hearts. Humans have to come up with mind-blowing ideas to win over someone. Lucky for animals, they so much as breath and we would be a crying mess gushing about them being the most adorable thing to exist on planet Earth. That is absolutely true.


Only animal lovers understand how crazy one can be with these beautiful creatures. Not even pet owners can get used to the cuteness of their pets despite living with them 24/7. We have collected the cutest and funny animal tweets of the week to share with you guys so you can have an amazing start to your day. Keep on scrolling down…

1. Is this too much to ask for?

Image Credit: @la_fleurcouture

2. Oh, what an elegant and handsome pup this one is! Definitely Mr. Steal Your Girl.


Image Credit: @Outrobabyy

3. This cat tree is actually very cute. The owner sounds more excited than the cat.


Image Credit: @bigfootjinx

4. Aww, I want this on my birthday.


Image Credit: @seokuva

5. It is my favorite dog picture of all time too, now. How cute is this little furry friend?


Image Credit: @SohamGadre

6. Mooz sounds way cool.


Image Credit: @DhkBeau

7. These are absolutely beautiful images, I just love nature and animals so much.


Image Credit: @shaazjung

8. Wow, Russian is a very complicated language. So many words for a cat!


Image Credit: @alexdecampi

These animals were so cute, all of them are so beautiful in their own way. They are definitely heartthrobs, they have succeeded at stealing my heart and I am totally glad that they have. I love seeing such wholesome and fun animal content on the internet all day but the fact that I can not pet these cuties also makes me very sad. I wish I could play with these extremely adorable cats and dogs too. I know all of you get the same feeling as well. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these beautiful creatures…

9. Wait, what…how many dollars did you say?!


Image Credit: @Hbomberguy

10. Ugh, these dogs. Always stealing food and all that.


Image Credit: @localghost666

11. Aww, I swear I would visit the dentist every other day mainly, just to meet Dutch. He seems like a very friendly and fun company.

Image Credit: @dog_rates

12. This is so accurate. If they had a dog in that series it would definitely look like this. No joke.


Image Credit: @xxxngel

13. I love it when cats get jealous and act possessive towards their owners. It is a cute sight.

Image Credit: @holly

14. Well, that is the only correct answer. Everyone is a gangster until something bad happens to an animal in a horror movie.


Image Credit: @emilygmonster

15. Oh, God, this made me laugh so loud. Just look at that face, adorable!

Image Credit: @fluffy_willow

16. Seriously, it is as simple as that to make us happy.


Image Credit: @rayarvx

It is really that much easy to make a girl’s day, the easiest and the best thing one can do is definitely get her a cute little furry baby. Have you ever gotten a pet as a gift? Tell us in the comments down below…


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