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22 Amusing Photos That Stunned Us After Taking A Closer Look

Life wouldn’t have been called life if it weren’t this full of mischievousness and surprises.

Surprise: An emotion that gets you excited, pumps that adrenaline up, and gets that fright and flight going. Human life is all about such surprises. Some people are literally energized by mischieve and surprises and trust me if you are one of those, you are in for a luck. Planet Earth is full of surprises and you don’t really need to go out and look out for those adrenaline-pumping surprises, the planet keeps delivering on its own, you just have to wait for the occasional that absolutely stun you. One very important factor to take into account here is that you don’t always get the surprise at first, you might have to wait, re-evaluate and then the hidden mischief may strike you and blow you away. It often happens in pictures that we have taken decades ago and only now realize the craziness that it contained all this time.


Well, that’s the exact exciting and energizing content we’ve got for you guys today. Here are 22 stunning images that make you look twice to spot the mischief.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. “My plant has a face.”

Via 9urbin_gab0/ Reddit

2. “Bengal Max with a heart on his tummy.”


Via gingergoose1/ Reddit

3. “My mom’s visiting me in Anchorage and we got photobombed in the best way!”


Via TexasPooneTappa/ Reddit

4. “Chipmunk photobomb.”


Via johnliberman41/ Reddit

5. “My nephew, cool and relaxed. His dad in the background.”


Via Jason72g/ Reddit

6. “Saw a mushroom and upon closer inspection, there was another mini mushroom growing on top of it.”


Via thegreenestbean_/ Reddit

7. “I was taking photos of my friend and the guy in the background decided it was his photoshoot.”


Via Carl95M/ Reddit

8. “This dog photobombed our proposal.”


Via Sportsman1984/ Reddit

9. “Need a closer look?”


Via d**hardbattery/ Reddit

10. “Cats cannot let dogs live in peace.”


Via Hajlen/ Reddit

11. “My cat can jump up to head height when chasing his toy. Bonus: awestruck secondary cat in the background.”

Via Cherry_Lipgloss/ Reddit

Wow! I am loving this and I hope you guys are too. These stories and images are so fun to go through. I could browse for days and never get bored. Let’s continue with the enjoyment.

12. “The support bracket in my closet looks like it’s smiling.”


Via maclake/ Reddit

13. “Let’s take a closer look under there…”

Via Pissymissyy/ Reddit

14. “Found this on my walk at lunch, and came home whistling a happy tune until I took a closer look at it.”


Via playblu/ Reddit

15. “Took a pic of my ’hidden’ UPS package and my cheesing cat decided to bomb the photo.”

Via J_leo3/ Reddit

16. “An interesting, fallen tree I came across walking in Liesjärvi National park. I had a bit of a scare before taking a closer look.”


Via themosse/ Reddit

17. “How long until someone notices…”

Via Los_Amos/ Reddit

18. “This skull nestled in the corner of a building.”


Via Tvix/ Reddit

19. Beware, guys, this may bring you joy so try it at your own risk.

Look where COVID has brought us to.

Via FredHH123/ Reddit

20. “A cow wearing a Halloween mask.”


Via fsacb3/ Reddit

21. “Spotted on my morning walk.”

Tesla are the real winners.

Via PM_ME_UR_N***_GURL_/ Reddit

22. “This carrot I was about to give to a horse looks like the head, body, and tail of a horse.”


Via nien_nuts/ Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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