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10+ Weirdest Stories Shared By Zookeepers That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Posted on: 11 Feb 2020

Who knew animals were so weird? Well, we all know the weird antics our pets get into so what makes the animals at the zoo any different? Literally nothing. However let me warn you firsthand, following are some of the weirdest stories about animals that I have ever heard. Who knew some animals liked flossing, …

10+ Tweets About Animal Antics That Will Instantly Make You Smile

Posted on: 30 Jan 2020

These tweets will surely make your day. Do you love animals as much as the rest of us? Do you like to see their hilarious antics? Do you like to spend your day looking at cat videos? If you answered yes to all of those questions then you’ve come to the right place. We all …

20+ Tweets Describing What Turns Introverts On And it Is Incredibly True

Posted on: 06 Jul 2018

What are Introverts? I know that question sounds incredibly stupid, but that is actually a very important question. Because I myself know that I am somewhere in between an introvert and extrovert but what is actually the difference between these two? There is a common misconception that introverts are ‘shy’ and that they don’t like …

These Pigeon Comics About ‘The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ Are So Hilarious That You’ll Die Laughing

Posted on: 05 Jul 2018

Ever heard of ‘The Killers?’ No, I am not talking about serial killers. Because let’s be honest everyone knows about those. However, today we are going to talk about the band named ‘The Killers’. How original right? Well, putting aside their name, their music is actually pretty good if I say so myself. Why don’t …

Comic Artist Draws Hysterical Illustrations Out Of Butt Drawings And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Posted on: 01 Jul 2018

Butts everywhere! And I do not mean female butts because that is the first thing that most people’s mind go to. Today we are going to focus on uni-gender butts. And yes there is such a thing, and today we are going to draw amazing stuff with simply using a butt. I never thought I’d …

This House Might Look Ordinary From The Outside But You’ll Understand Why it Costs $76,00,000 Once You Step In

Posted on: 30 Jun 2018

This might be many peoples dream house. But not mine! And I am not just saying this because I am bitter. Because trust me, I am not at all bitter, and this costs way too much and will probably take my whole life to even think of affording this.  But if you are a fan …

10+ Things People Saw On The Subway That WIll Make You Look Twice

Posted on: 29 Jun 2018

Subway is a crazy, crazy place. I mean people just don’t know when to stop.  I get that everyone is different, but you’ll be amazed to see all the things that people brought on the subway. From peacocks to ducks, no pet is safe from a ride on the subway. And not just that, you’ll …

This Chef’s Confusing Desserts Will Make You Look Twice Before You Eat Them

Posted on: 29 Jun 2018

What is more appetizing than dirt? At least that is the thought that must have went through this chef’s mind. I personally don’t get the inspiration behind it. Don’t get me wrong, they look absolutely beautiful in their weird way, but they don’t really look that much appetizing.  However, what do I know? This chef …

Introvert Created List Of Top 10 Introvert Myths And It Should Be Spread So Extroverts Can See It Enough

Posted on: 29 Jun 2018

Introverts are not as they seem. Lots of people have misconceptions about what Intoverts are like and how they act. Most people think that they are rude people who do not like to talk to anyone. However, in reality, that couldn’t be more far from the truth. Introverts are not like that. And I am …