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18 Animals Who Are Achieving Something And Making Their Humans Proud

Animals are incredible and they can achieve anything.

Animals are so much more than just being pets. Do you know that pets learn from their owners and they learn very fast? Start sleeping in a particular position and they will start sleeping as you do. Start cleaning the neighborhood and your doggo will adopt this habit and your neighborhood will be clean in a few days. Rescue a kitten and your old dog will prove to be the best cat dad. And, no one is as faithful as your pet. Your pet would save you from vacuum cleaners and slow cookers. Lol, it’s hilarious but adorable at the same time. Today, we have compiled a list of 18 adorable animals who are achieving something and making their humans proud. This list will put a smile on your face. So, without further ado. Let’s get into the cutest list of animals found on the Internet today.


© beth_phelan / Twitter

This Grate Dane is treating the new puppy like her own baby.

2. “Dog learned to pick up plastic when owner was doing it and gave dog treats for finding trash. Cleaned the neighborhood!!!”


© SunflowerJYB / Reddit

This is how you can motivate your doggo to do something productive.

3. “Found this kitten in the woods, thought my older cats would adopt it but it looks like my big boy has accepted Daddy Duty”


© JennDG / Reddit

Look at how happy the daddy is.

4. “People say that my Cherry doesn’t look like a dog. But she’s a loyal friend, just a small one. And she bravely protects me from the vacuum cleaner and our slow cooker.”


© psinafriend / Twitter

Human, I exist to protect you from vacuum cleaners and slow cookers.

5. “Adopted this cutie from a shelter a few days ago after fostering him for a week. His name is Bumi and the first time I met him he jumped onto my chair to lick my face 🙂 definitely an unexpected way to meet my new best friend”


© BreederGert / Reddit

Bumi knew that you are his forever home.

6. “My cat got sick and couldn’t walk. My mom sent me a picture of our dog comforting his beloved friend. So touching.”


© myzyakats / Twitter

These two share such a wholesome bond.

7. “This is Penny. She is 10 weeks old and has already mastered “sit”. 11/10 good girl”


© briandgraham / Reddit

Penny is a smart girl and a fast learner.

8. “My dog ​​Thor hates other people’s dogs, but yesterday, he let one inside of his doghouse. He slept outside, guarded her, and even shared his food.”


© fipon / Twitter

“And it soon became clear that this dog had given birth to 6 puppies. Today, we finally found the owner of this dog, and the new mom returned back home with her babies. Thor isn’t their dad, by the way.”

9. “he acts like he doesn’t care, but he’s the best cat dad ever. banjo won’t move unless snacks does.”


© pogonophobia / Reddit

The best cat dad award goes to Banjo. Animals can be the best dads and best moms. You better not underestimate them. Just look at this dad who would not move until the kitten would wake up. Animals have soft hearts and they know how to show affection towards their humans or towards other animals. We should learn from these good boys and good girls.

10. “My friend’s dog was the ring bearer at her brother’s wedding. It was the best day of his life.”


© suckyninja / Reddit

The pupper looks so adorable and a true gentleman with the bowtie.

11. “My wife went to work for the first time in 3 months. No words are needed.”

© OkIHereNow / Reddit

Just look at her, how sad she is. We can tell she is missing her mommy.

12. “we taught our dog how to carry groceries! (this is completely voluntary, he likes to do this.)”


© chaoticmacaroni / Reddit

You can teach your dogs too.

13. “She is the gentlest, most patient, caring and comforting girl. She has helped over 50 scared street dogs learn how to live in a real home.”

© Crook-lock / Reddit

Who would not feel less scared with a beautiful, calm and gentle girl like her?

14. “This is Spencer and Penny. For the last five years, they’ve cheered on runners of the Boston Marathon. Today, even with the race postponed, they visited their usual spot along the route. And told everyone to stay strong and they’d see you soon. 14/10 for both”


© dog_rates / Twitter

Don’t lose hope. We are right here to cheer y’all up.

15. “My dog loves finding strings for the kitten to play with. He’s the sweetest boy!”

© pigsinabask3t / Reddit

This doggo knows how to keep the kitten busy.

16. “No dogs were at the dog park this morning. My good boyee waited patiently for friends to arrive “


What a patient and playful boy he is! Also, it is so cute that he goes to the park to play with friends.

17. “When your boy brings you some money instead of a ball or a stick”

© AlinaKors / Twitter

Mom, I thought it was your money.

18. “I thought it might be good to let you all know that my friend Melissa’s bird sometimes rides the dog as a horse”


© importantmeagan / Twitter

Is not it cute to see a bird riding on a doggo? If you own a pet, share your pet’s photos with us and comment down below to let us know what your pet has achieved?


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