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20 Comical Photos That Prove Some Animals Are Really Big Jerks

Sometimes, animals act so stupidly and at the same time, they are also being the most innocent creatures that will make your heart fill with joy. You may also think they have absolutely no idea about what they are doing. However, they always end up winning our hearts because of their hilarious actions.


If they have done something wrong, you should not be misled by their fluffiest, sneakiest, cutest facial expressions since they are the masters at hiding their bad doings with a simple smirk.

So, we’ve gathered a list of these naughtiest creatures to brighten up your day. Take a look at these humorous photographs of animals by scrolling down!

1. But, how did this cat climb up there?

Via fastandfurry/Reddit

“This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom.”

2. Being a jerk isn’t always a smart idea.

Via DV123/Pikabu

“I sleep wherever I want.”

3. ‘Hey girl, check out mah new selfie!’

Via  jonmgibson/Imgur

“It’s just a kangaroo watching Netflix on my iPhone.”

4. Why do these doggos love relaxing in awkward positions?

Via  bloodbib72/Reddit

“Yes, I’m comfortable. Yes, I’m sure.”

5. ‘Ahan! Yes, em listening to you, carry on!’

Via Djehuty93/Reddit

6. Someone is slowly breaking the law!

Via Imgur

7. When you hate hoomans scratching your ear.

Via mastrsplintr435/Reddit

“How do you like me now, Elon Musk?”

8. Who cares about the rules?

Via tapthatash/Imgur

9. Cats can be the best helping hand at times.

Via  Whitemourn/Imgur

“Since there are no mice, let me at least help you with this.”

10. Toilet training? Nah, sleep first.

Via Imgur

“I was trying to toilet-train my cat. Don’t think she gets it.”

We’ll adore our furry companions. But sometimes, there are moments when we are unable to decide whether to squish these pets or to sit back and chuckle uncontrollably at their hilarious behaviors.

Anyways, have you ever wondered what our lives would be like if these mischievous babies weren’t around us? It’s tough to imagine how our lives would be different if they weren’t here, right?

11. Just look at those ex-purr-essions! Someone will definitely feed this little monster.

12. Someone needs a little help here.

Via BookerDeWittsCarbine/Reddit

13. When your partner is not letting you go to your favorite restaurant.

Via momojojo121/Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

“This is Robert. He does this every time he realizes his walk is over.”

14. Here’s an act of sweet revenge.

Via GreyGhostPhoto/Reddit

“Locked my cat in the bathroom because he was annoying. This is his revenge.”

15. Wait, is that a kangaroo or doggo?

Via  Anamolly13/Reddit

“Her name is Umi and I like to call her Kangarumi.”

16. That’s why cats are unique.

via  DaBumbas/Reddit

“My cat might be broken – he drinks his water by laying under the TV stand and dipping his paw in the bowl.”

17. Maybe this kitty wants to show some twerks!

Via  aebfroman / reddit

“My wife was driving to her grandma’s house. This cat didn’t even care.”

18. Holy crap! Why don’t these cats understand how much time and effort it takes to assemble the puzzle?

Via  Jiryn / imgur

“Pet me, human!”

19. Cats and paper walls together are not a great idea.

Via crazydarklord / reddit

“The dog did it. We’ve been framed!”

20. Gnarly, isn’t it?

© Imgur

We know you are in love with these hilarious images, that’s why you have reached the end. We are sad about it as well!

If you also own a pet, then do share their hilarious pictures with us in the comments section below!


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