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25 Times Innocent Animals Experienced Something For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Hilarious

When animals experience something for the first time, they exhibit true reactions.

We all know how good animals are at expressions. You can never win in the expressions game with animals. Expressions tell us a lot about the other person’s mood and how he/she is feeling about a certain thing. First experiences are the best and the expressions that a person gives after seeing a thing for the first time, are the only true expressions. Later on, the feeling and the expression may change. Today, we have 25 animals who experienced something for the first time and gave hilarious expressions. Scroll down for their expressions.

1. Meet Kiwi. It’s her first time outside.

2. Meet Mimi, she tried lime for the first time.


© jflo8190 / imgur

3. Out in the snow for the first time and does not seem to like it.


© IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant / imgur

4. Sisters meeting for the first time after separation.


© unknown / imgur

5. “Took them outside today for the first time since I started rehabbing them (3 weeks ago) and this was the response I got.”


© unknown / imgur

6. “First time my dog saw me in the bathtub she was so worried she had to call for backup.”


© DontWorryImMedicated / imgur

Cat, come. Our mum is drowning.

7. First time out in the snow and his face tells it all.


© Medicina / reddit

8. Waffles first time in the snow.


© savagepirate / reddit

9. “My boy always tries to jump in the fridge when I open it. This is the first time he made it in.”


© xKinkajou / imgur

10. This puppy saw himself for the first time.


© ack18chs / imgur

He is 7 week old.

11. That’s her first Christmas toy and she is figuring out what to do with it.

© mwpfinance / reddit

We all know what she will do with it.

12. This baby boy got his first bath.


© JollyTom / reddit

These animals look hilarious. Their expressions are so pure and innocent. Seeing a cat getting a Christmas gift for the first time or the animals getting out in the snow for the first time, is making us happy. It’s hilarious how a dog saw his owner in the bathtub for the first time and he was so confused that he went outside and called the cat for help. It’s getting funnier with each picture. So, scroll down and don’t miss the chance for a good laugh.

13. “I kicked over my cats milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.”

© Matind / reddit

You are eating your dinner. What about my dinner? What will I eat or drink?

14. His first day at work:


© duglasfresh / reddit

Little Cadet looks a little nervous.

15. “The weather was nice, I took my indoor cat out to sit by the river for the first time. He was very confused…”

© JayOtt / imgur

Cat: Ahh..So much water. What are we doing here. Is the human planning on to throwing me in the river?

16. He tasted peanut butter for the first time.


© FaceOff5 / reddit

17. “I introduced my cat to my newborn daughter.”

© Local306 / imgur

18. When he tried swings for the first time:


Seems like he is loving it.

19. Her first time in the rain:

© unknown / imgur

She wants to get inside. Open the door, please.

20. Lab puppy saw the vacuum for the first time and he looks traumatized.


© Thirdandary_Account / reddit

21. “My cats’ reactions to seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time.”

Has the fan gotten crazy? I have never seen it acting this way before.

22. He saw the snow for the first time and thought to taste it.


© Slayer128 / reddit

23. She saw snow for the first time and her face tells how much she liked it.

© dax268 / reddit

24. His first time at the beach and had to drag him home since he did not want to leave the beach.


© Sydneydanielle23 / reddit

25. “My newborn niece and my sister’s dog meeting for the first time.”

© buckguy2015 / reddit

Niece: What kind of a human he is? Looks pretty different but I guess he can be my new friend. We hope you had a great time browsing through this list of animals. Do you own a pet? Has it seen something for the first time and you recorded its reaction? If yes, feel free to share it with us in the comments section down below.


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