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25 Cats Who Always Occupy The Most ‘Comfortable’ Spots In The House

All of us know that cats absolutely love hanging out in the oddest spots and we have never been able to understand why. We buy comfortable beds for them and set up cushions for them so they can sleep peacefully but they would rather prefer sleeping in boxes, bags, and even baskets. They would search for small places to relax as it provides them a sense of security. They don’t like people sneaking up on them or touching them while they are resting which is why they would mostly prefer places where people won’t notice them while they can keep an eye on everyone.


However, if you own a cat, you would know that they keep switching their spots from time to time. Regardless of how much money you spend buying expensive toys or beds for them, you just cannot impress a cat. It would be fair to say that cats are simple creatures and they like simple things – most of the time they get fascinated by the weirdest stuff. But oh well, we absolutely love them and simply can’t imagine our lives without our furry little companions.

For the people who are completely oblivious to these facts, we have gathered up a few pictures that will depict how cats would choose the most random spots to hang out. So, why don’t you scroll ahead and witness it yourself;

1. Don’t you dare move, hooman. There’s something happening outside, keep me safe.

via © zewvlf / Reddit

“Watching a friend’s cat. There’s a thunderstorm outside. I’ve been like this for an hour.”

2. It’s one of the most important rules of having a pet – you can’t move if they decide to sit at you.

via © jessmadeamess / Reddit

3. And that’s how Ann decides to chill.

via © darlin-clementine / Reddit

“This is Ann. Ann likes to wait and watch the bubbles in the humidifier.”

4. I’m sorry, you can’t use the machine right now. I’m relaxing.

via © MeowMixTenders / Reddit

5. Look at this adorable kitty. She literally fell asleep on her hooman’s foot.

via © Toxic_Don / Reddit

6. Everytime we order a pizza, she decides to sleep on the box.

via © MarkieMew / Reddit

7. That is definitely the oddest place to relax.

via © dandragons / Reddit

8. Can you spot the cat?

via © critiqueboi / Reddit

9. Look at this one being a big baby.

via © Mynuts4812 / Reddit

“He wouldn’t stop meowing until I let him climb up my body to be my scarf.”

10. Owners took him to the vet and he just decided to relax in the sink. In the SINK!?

via © Figsnbacon / Reddit

11. I’ll just sit on the horse to keep myself warm.

via © KNJSWE / Reddit

“My wife visited a stable. She said that all the stable cats were hanging out on some of the heat sources like radiators, but this cat took it one step further it seems.”

12. Reminded me of the days when it was too hot outside and I’d come and stand in front of the fridge to cool my face.

via © clairandcat / Reddit

“There’s a loaf in my fridge! He climbs in every time I start to cook, and I let him hang out there because it’s hot and he’s always wearing that thick furry coat.”

13. Pssh. Hey, you! Yes, you! Come here and pet me.

via © SasEis / Reddit

My cat sits here every day waiting to be pet by the people taking the bus. They call him the “bus stop cat.”

14. That’s his dedicated seat and no one is allowed to sit there.

via © lksavage / Reddit

15. And you say cats are not weird?

via © PigeonMax / Reddit

“My cat managed to climb through the skylight and just proceeds to sit there, 70 feet above the ground.”

16. There’s some secret meeting going on in here.

via © CyborgKnitter / Reddit

“I pulled my stove away from the wall to fix the outlet behind it. I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to find this.”

17. This one loves sitting on the charger. On the charger????

via © / Imgur

18. What? Is this not our new place to chill?

via © Andeck / Reddit

“My significant other laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds later…”

19. I feel like someone’s staring at me.

via © Dreamer207 / Reddit

20. My belt fell on the floor and…

via © OyabunRyo / Reddit

21. Ahh… let me warm myself up. It’s too cold.

via © Autumnmeansfall / Reddit

“Kieran sitting right above our heating unit, blocking the warm air… Don’t worry, I made sure it wouldn’t burn his little toe beans!”

22. Take aesthetic pictures of me while I interrupt what you are doing.

via © Venmo_Me_A_Dollar / Reddit

23. I don’t understand why cats love to sleep on a towel? Is that a cat thing?

via © Neonmoonlight / Reddit

“My cat’s favorite place to sleep is now the shower, right after we use it. But I have to put a towel down first so she doesn’t get her polydactyls wet!”

24. I can fit in here perfectly.

via © ecowpebot / Reddit

25. Just bought a new coffee table and this one just couldn’t resist

via © cmronhrrington / Reddit

27. And he did not want to be disturbed.

via © taasp / Reddit

26. Just when you thought only cats are weird.

via © Unicornglitteryblood / Reddit

Well, now you know how weird cats can be. Not that we don’t love them, we absolutely adore their personalities but it’s just that we won’t ever be able to understand the logic behind chilling in the oddest spots. However, we enjoy these things, don’t we? If you own a cat, what is the most weirdest spot that you found your cat from? Let us know down in the comments section!


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