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16 Animals That Could Easily Receive 1,000 Medals For Being Good Boys And Girls

Heroes! All the heroes aren’t those who wear a uniform or special clothes. We are sure you have seen many heroes roaming around and saving many lives. We bet you didn’t realize how many different kinds of heroes there are. They are a part of our daily life and oftentimes they are not even a human. Yes – you, read that right. Pets and animals can serve as heroes in a wide variety of ways.


When you hear the word “HERO” you immediately picture a superhero like Spiderman, Batman, or Iron Man swooping in to save the day. Likewise, there are many four-legged heroes who save many lives of other animals and humans as well. You must have heard of a dog saving a child from danger, a cat chasing down a poisonous snake in your bedroom, a cat defending her human from an ambling dog that had been after the child, and many more. These are just a few of the inspiring tales of big-hearted heroes who risked their own safety to save the lives of others, and each of them is deserving of a GOLD MEDAL. Because why not?

Don’t believe us, then c’mon, let us show you some incredible photos and stories of animals who risked their own lives to save and rescue those in need.

1. Meet “Best”, this strong guy has been on top of the Mount Elbrus more than 40 times.

2. Ever heard of a cat donating blood? No? then meet “Trevor”- a feline hero who has saved the lives of countless sick cats.

Via  stagg_99 / reddit

3. This pup saved a human from a wasp nest.

Via kabal363 / reddit

“This is Murphy. He’s a good boy — he saved my niece from a nest of wasps by carefully licking and nipping them off without hurting her. He got stung quite a few times.”

4. This baby loves traveling on rocky mountains and rivers.

Via Instagram

Haha! just look at those goggles.

5. Introducing Herbie, the best therapy dog in the world.

Via shadowbubbles247 / reddit

“Herbie is a therapy dog at my hospital. He came to say hello.”

6. Hey Mufasa, you did a great job buddy.

Via StephanieDube / twitter

“Last night, my cat saved me from an evil snake that snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping! Good job, Mufasa.”

7. Totally mind-blowing! Many lives were saved by this blind dog from a fire.


Via  Unknown / imgur“Our blind dog, Molly, guided 7 people, 2 dogs, and 4 cats out of a fire.”

8. What? A cat surfing on a skateboard? On Water? How cool it is.

Via Instagram

We are sure you have read many cat hero stories, and heroes do exist, but there are numerous stories of dogs rescuing people as well. Do you know why? Because these dogs have innate abilities to care for and protect humans. We have shared a few of these stories, and there are a few more as well.

So just keep scrolling down to look at more amazing photos of these tiny creatures becoming heroes every day and winning our hearts.

9. Strong boy!!

Via  gotojuch / twitter

“My dog Vader saved me from a hammer falling from the fourth floor.”

10. Meet Didga, a multi-talented cat!

11. Look at this bunny who is a master artist.

Via Instagram

12. Cats are usually afraid of lions, but here it’s the other way around. A mountain lion was scared off by this feline. Wow!

Via FloorLamp500 / reddit

“6 months ago, she scared off a mountain lion and saved my life.”

13. Makoto Kumagai and doggo Purin, set a new record for jumping 58 times in one minute.

Via Guinness World Records / youtube

14. This feline received the title of “Hero” after saving a child from a dog attack.

Via Instagram
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15. This dog gives emotional support to Firefighters.

Via Instagram

Firefighters are supported emotionally for four hours each day before their next 24-hour shift begins by this fluffy doggo.

16. Doggos can sense threats and danger.

Via NobelLandMermaid / reddit

“Tonight, this guy barked at me for 30 minutes to take him outside. It turned out that in our apartment, there was a gas leak, and he just wanted us to get out.”

Do you have any similar story where any of the four-legged babies came to rescue you or saved you? If yes, why not share your story with us in the comment area below. We’d love to hear from you.

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