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18 Wholesome Animals Encounters That Surprised Humans And Left Them Awestruck

All animals are adorable.

I don’t think anyone would question that statement. Whoever does must’ve had bad blood with one of the animals. But trust me, they never attack first. Animals always attack in self-defence and that only happens when they feel really threatened or scared.  Wild animals are very alpha but even those types of animals would only make a move when they sense danger. They don’t like eating us for no purpose. And that is a great characteristic about them. But in no way does that mean you are supposed to take any animal lightly. They’ve got all the tools in their arsenal and they can surely keep their combat skills in check when needed.

But today, we are not gonna talk about those tools. The tool we will be discussing today is how adorableness. Animals are super adorable. Sure, the wild ones do look creepy and we should be careful around them, but their majestic looks make it really hard to resist not petting them. Animals are very lovable creatures. You cannot tell me that you saw a Chihuahua walking down the street with its owner and you didn’t have the temptation to pet it or just adopt it from its owner on the spot. That’s how it is with animals.

Sometimes you’re just out on a walk and randomly bump into the most beautiful and gorgeous animals. And it suddenly sparks a happy feeling in the heart. That is the power these animals hold. Today I’ve got 18 pictures of people randomly bumping into cute, gorgeous animals and immediately being amazed by them, right at the spot.

1. “I woke up in my tent in a campsite in the middle of the night. I felt some weight on my legs and got scared, which is why I carefully took a photo with my smartphone camera to learn what was there, and this is what I saw.”


Voa awesome_hnysk / twitter

2. “What curious things have you come across on the subway?”


Via kbrusnichkin / pikabu

3. “I returned to work from lunch and there was a visitor sleeping on my desk.”


Via AlVenik / pikabu

4. “I got a high five (well, 4, actually) from this super tiny frog today.”


Via charlesiwuc / reddit

5. “People complain about kids kicking or crying. This dude on my flight wouldn’t stop licking me.”


Via the-insane-observer / reddit

6. “Today, a stray dog let herself in my house and crawled in the tub while I was showering. Needless to say, I now have a new roommate.”


Via DrRowdybush / reddit

7. “Excellent service from this Shell gas station!”

Via Superplayer90210 / reddit

8. “I was walking on the street and this dog decided to look right into my soul.”


Via Flexxxl / pikabu

9. “I was walking around the city and saw this…”

Via Egorlukianenko87 / pikabu

How do you guys like it so far? I would happily go out for a day if my incentive would be to meet such gorgeous animals. These people should consider themselves very lucky. Not every animal would like to approach you unless it feels a good aura so keep that around these cute creatures and maybe you’d be lucky enough to have them come to you.

Scroll down below for some more goodness.

10. An unexpected visitor.


Via Riger / pikabu

11. “A hummingbird crashed into our window and then let my sister hold it until it felt better.”

Via aujre / reddit

12. “The sweetest stray kitty came to sit on my lap, and here’s me, being VERY happy about it.”


Via ignisfatuus_noale / reddit

13. “Came across an owl on the bus.”

Via PapaFRED / pikabu

14. “I found 5 newborn blue-tongued skinks under a pile of shoes.”


Via abaganoush / reddit

15. “I found this tiny tortoise on the road.”

Via b_ootay_ful / reddit

16. “This squirrel was begging me for food at The Grand Canyon.”


Via Lord0fHam / reddit

17. “We found this tiny guy at 2 a.m. on our doorstep and took him in.”

Via Medikk_ / reddit

18. “This chipmunk came and sat in the chair on my front porch to eat his acorn.”


FVH_100 / reddit

Guess who you are? An awesome person who loves animal pictures. Honestly, these images are so cute. All animals just look so innocent, and I loved every story. I hope you guys enjoyed this wholesomeness too. Share your feelings in the comments section below. Have you ever randomly met an animal?


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