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21 Reasons Why Black Cats Can Lighten Up Our Day

There is something about black cats that make everyone run away from them. We don’t understand why people started getting so scared of black cats but it happened and that fear is still present. Out of all animals, black cats get adopted last from the animal shelters. People start fearing them for their appearance and believe there is something evil about them. There are so many superstitions about black cats, it is insane! And kind of racist. Many people believe that if a black cat passes you, you have bad luck for the rest of your life. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Black cats are so beautiful, it makes you wonder how can someone be so magnificent. Their fur makes their eyes pop out more and their eyes look so fierce when they stare.


We are the craziest cat lovers and we adore black cats. We do not think black cats are bad luck or that they are kids of the devil. We love our black cats just the way we love any other cat. And we love brightening our day by looking at their pictures. We have some for you too! Scroll down to get into the madness of these beautiful cats.

1. Black-eyed pot!

Via © PerspectiveFriendly / Reddit

2. Why are you showering without me human?

Via © burtonsays / Reddit

So this little fellow decided to scare a human while they are in the shower! It is so funny how this little one thinks she can scare a big human with her tiny little teeth. But I am not gonna lie, I might get scared if I were that human!

3. You would have to go through me before you buy this pack of rice, Mister

Via © gnizzle54 / Reddit

The employees in the store are the luckiest people on the planet. What is better than having a cat at your workplace all day? It won’t even feel like work if we’re being honest. I would feel like I am at home at work!

4. My human crocheted me a mini sofa

Via  © katie22914 / Reddit

Every cat should get their own crocheted sofas! Now that I have placed my eyes on it, it looks like an essential for cats to me.

5. A softie spotted!

Via © Dream_Shine / Reddit

6. Nothing fishy happening here, move on!

Via © Unknown / Reddit

This cat has the sharpest eyes ever! The way they’re looking straight at the camera with a stunning look is sending creeps throughout my body.

7. I will hug my toys tight!

Via © PippiL65 / Reddit

8. We are not going anywhere near the vet!

Via © address-unknown / Reddit

Well, that is how our cats behave whenever we decide to take them to a vet. To all those who are planning to adopt a cat, beware! Taking them to the vet is the most difficult part of having a cat. They will not let you take them without ruining your whole day.

9. Please hold me in a hug!

Via © tara_taboo / Reddit

Aww, why does little one look so scared? I want to hug her sadness right away!

10. Scar, don’t let me fall!

Via  © Is_that_a_Titleist / Reddit

Oh my God, this looks like a reenactment of that scene from the Lion King where Mufasa gets thrown from the mountain by Scar, doesn’t it?

11. I am tiny but I will bite you!

Via © Unknown / Reddit

It is so cute how powerful this little ball of fur thinks of itself when the only thing her bites would do is make us giggle!

12. This carpet is my kingdom!

Via  © klaproth / Reddit

And that is how our cats take over everything we own, fellows! They would mark their territory and start acting as if it belongs to them. And of course, we are going to let them. No one can argue with these little queens.

13. Ready for my date!

Via © Cookies_n_Chemistry / Reddit

Well, isn’t this the most perfect date! That tie was made for this kitten. The cat is probably staring at the door, waiting for its date to enter the restaurant. I wish I were the date for this cute little munchkin!

14. Channeling the inner demon

Via © gristlemissile / Reddit

Damn, this scared me! Don’t mind, I doubt that this cat is actually scary. She was probably just freaked out that her human left her outside alone to go through the bathroom.

15. Christmas bells!

Via © desert-kisses / Reddit

If I have a cat this cute at home, I would not need Christmas presents at all! I would let Santa know that I do not need any presents as I’ve gotten my cute little present already!

16. My middle name is elegance

Via © BigSaltyBast*rd / Reddit

She is standing so elegantly with her tail wrapped around her paws!

17. Bonded by heart

Via © beelzeybob / Reddit

I am crying because of how unbelievably cute this picture is! Even though this picture looks photoshopped, it would be nice to pretend it’s just two cats making a heart out of their legs.

18. She was struggling to find a comfortable position while relaxing

Via © philgabrielpeter / Reddit

19. She had a mini-breakdown today

via © jodellemicahferland / Reddit

Damn, this little one was probably having a breakdown when these pictures got captured. Look at those expressions! It looks like she is on an emotional rollercoaster.

20. Mommy, can I have more treats?

Via © partiallyasleep / Reddit

This is how all our cats look at each other when they need more food than we fed them. Don’t get fooled by those cute marble eyes, guys! Stay firm to a decision. We don’t want our cats puking out of over-eating!

21. Playtime

Via © oizown / Reddit

Just look at this precious little angel! There is nothing cuter than seeing a kitten play on her own and fiddling around with herself.

Whoever said black cats are evil and little devils, they were completely wrong! There is nothing evil about these little munchkins. They are just as adorable as any other cats we see around. If anything, these cats appear so much more fierce and classy with their beautiful fur. Their fur looks so magnificent under the sunlight and even in dark, they manage to take away the spotlight. I mean yeah, their piercing eyes do scare you sometimes in the dark, but that’s totally part of the fun. I would not hesitate to adopt a black cat any day!

Do you find black cats cute too? Let us know in the comments section below.


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