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20 Cats Who Made It Clear That Cats Sets The House Rules

Cat owners see their pets as their children. We feed them, we adore them and we do not miss any chance to show them off to any new person we meet. They become a source of our pride without doing anything at all. However, that does not mean cats see us as their parents. Cats are known to be dominant by nature and bossy. They might be the cutest and most adorable creatures on the planet, but their urge to dominate and rule over any person that is around them speaks out.


Most of the times cat owners notice that their cat is trying to subdue them and that gives them a big reality check of who is in charge. While humans might be in charge of the lavish lives that house cats live, cats still manage to establish their upper hand. And it is true, right? We do exactly what pleases them even if it inconveniences us or goes against our schedule. They make sure we are in check. Our furry little companions are nothing less than a mystery and no one has been able to figure them out completely.

Scroll below to see cats getting caught in hilarious acts!

1. Time to pose for the picture!

Via © ersonmcperson / Reddit

This little kid was not happy with her human working for hours and not paying her any attention at all the whole day. She was fooling around her human to annoy him when her picture getting taken. She had to pose!

2. Got stuck in a trash can lid!

Via © amiehuttoncrawford / Instagram

Cats can be so clumsy sometimes! They get themselves into so many messes and still roam around the house proudly!

3. They all look like me, mommy!

Via © urbi456 / Reddit

What is this place? Why are there so many “me”?

4. Give me that money, make me rich!

Via © payattentiontothis / Reddit

5. It was so cold, I needed the heat!

Via Instagram

Ahh, this is so peaceful!

6. Ate the mobile’s charger so my human cannot use the phone!

Via Instagram

Sometimes cats mess in the most inconvenient times ever. You would need your phone urgently and see your charger completely ruined. You would have to go to a party and find your clothes peed on by your cat.

7. Chokeslam!

Via © Bootyhunterboy / Reddit

This cat learned some techniques while her human was watching a wrestling show on the TV.

8. Found me a new bed!

Via © Ksilverstar25 / Reddit

Were you planning to cook something? Sorry man, not today. I’m resting here. Better luck next time!

9. Tried to be eco-friendly by becoming friends with the plants!

Via Instagram

Guess that didn’t work out really well, huh?

10. Ruiner of the rose!

Via © baby_sopherton / Instagram

He gave roses to the wife only and not me, so I decided to destroy the bouquet in jealousy!

11. Soaking the sun in golden hour!

Via © DannyHallam / Reddit

This has to be the most beautiful picture on the internet today. The cat is really feeling the golden hour and gives us such a nice view to look at. With all the flowers around and beautiful sunlight, it looks like we are looking at a picture of heaven!

12. Today is my lucky day!

Via © smwmd / Reddit

I don’t know what to do with so much food. Can you help me in putting it back, hooman?

13. I am the perfect dessert!

Via Instagram

14. Hide and seek!

Via © drughi1312 / Reddit

It would be nice to hide here and make the human look for me all over the house like a crazy person.

15. Taking notes on how to take a shower!

Via © salacious-soul / Reddit

Cats follow us everywhere! Every time a cat owner goes to the toilet, our cats follow us like a shadow. I don’t know what is so fascinating about toilets that they feel the need to be in them all time. If I had a penny for every time I have seen my cat coming out of the washroom after I had been looking for her for hours, I would be a billionaire!

16. Chefs in the house!

Via © sick-baybee / Reddit

Our daddy always feeds us. She needs some rest. We will take over the kitchen, make dinner and feed our daddy today!

17. Teach me how to use this gen z stuff!

Via © canhohp1999

What are these gadgets young people keep using all the time? I am curious. Humans must teach me how to use them!

18. Getting comfy in the trash can!

Via © dollydogood / Reddit

You would literally spend 100s of dollars to get them comfy couches or comfy beds in which they can sleep but that NEVER works. They won’t play with their expensive toys and neither would they ever use the bed that you bought for them. Instead, they would prefer chilling in the bin.

19. Leave the online classes, it’s my playtime!

Via © unknown / Reddit

These damn classes are keeping my human busy all the time. He has forgotten about my playtime for the past whole week. I would not let him ignore him any longer! I will jump on his laptop and make him play with me.

20. Coming home from a long journey

Via Instagram

Ah, it was a long and tiring journey, someone needs to help me climb the house!

Cats may be the smallest member of your house, but they still hold the highest status in your home! They make the rules, and they make everyone obey. And unfortunately, we all happily adhere to the rules. It is something about the cats that make us follow them as if we belong to them. Humans love cats in the purest and raw manner ever. We love our friends and family dearly, but the love we possess for our pets trumps any other love we have and every cat lover can attest to that.

No matter how bossy they act around us and try to take over our home, we would willingly follow all their commands and do as they please.

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