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Brave Puppy Senses The Worst Ahead And Saves His Human

Not all heroes wear capes.

It is strange to hear that but not shocking that our beloved pet dogs can be our saviours and heroes and they can muster any amount of courage to save our lives. They have more important roles in our lives than just being our stress relievers at home by giving us cuddles, they can protect us from so many harms of the world and they care about us more than most of our relatives. They do not have to think twice before jumping right in front of the danger for the sole purpose of their owner’s protection. I think this is the most beautiful thing about dogs, their bravery and loyalty. They are truly the best creatures and pets out there, you just can not change my mind.


It is stated according to surveys that 81% of women and 43% of men have experienced and suffered from some form of harassment in their lives. It is impossible to deny that this is a very common problem, especially for women, considering the high figures. Fortunately, there are many organizations that are working really hard to raise awareness to end this problem. They are not alone though, our 4 legged best buddies are also always ready to help us in such situations, their canine instincts play an important role in fighting streets harassments. Today, we have brought you a similar story about street harassment to prove to you how dogs can be superheroes. Keep on scrolling down to read exactly what happened to the girl and how her puppy saved her…

Here is what the woman shared online about the incident.

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“I live in a city with my 9-month-old golden retriever puppy. He’s the sweetest boy and loves every dog and person he sees on the street and in the park.”

“I was walking back from the dog park with my happy puppy and an older man on a bike yelled across the street that he was cute, so I laughed and said, ‘Thank you.’ The man then took this as an invitation to bicycle over to me and stopped right next to me.”


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“He began to ask me questions and the encounter went from pleasant to irritating. ‘How old are you? Are you in school? What’s your puppy’s name?’ he asked.”

“I told him my boyfriend was in med school and waiting for me (he’s actually out of the country, so this wasn’t true), and to have a nice day, yet he proceeded to go ‘Mannnnnnn, everyone has a boyfriend…’ and bicycled next to me down the path back to my apartment, even though I was clearly walking away from him and he had been going the other way.”


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“My pup then turns to him and starts snarling and barking, which was an absolute first for him. His hackles were raised, and he started jumping toward the man on his bike a bit. The creep got all nervous, saying stuff like, ‘Woah, woah, woah, why are you acting like this, puppy?’ and finally stopped cycling and let me walk back alone. Of course, he still yelled profanities and insulted me while biking across the parking lot.”

“I had no problem telling this guy to get lost from here, but I’m just happy to know that my puppy has my back just in case.”

I have to admit this story really gave me goosebumps and occasional chills down my spine. I do not know what I would do if I was stuck in that kind of situation, it is very scary to even imagine something so horrifying as this happening to me. I am also very much glad that I have my dog with me though. From now on I will make sure I take my dog with me whenever I go out. My dog is also a just puppy right now but he is already super protective and possessive over me. I have not gotten in a street harassment kind of situation with my dog. Dogs really know what they are doing, they know the rights and wrongs, and they can sense danger and people who can cause trouble. ;/ Ls which makes me wonder for a long. I love how cautious and attentive he is around strangers, I know he would not blink twice before coming face to face with danger to protect me. Believe me when I say that dogs are the best animals, pets and our best buddies ever. They have uncountable qualities, I would not be able to enlist all of them. It might take years.. These dogs are not only our pets but also our best friends, our bodyguards, our therapists and our heroes. Keep on scrolling down to see people’s reactions to this incident shared by the puppy’s owner on the internet…

People on the internet shared their stories of being saved from danger by their dogs as well:

1. Do not ignore your dog’s barking, it can mean a lot.


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2. It is truly crazy but great at the same time.


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3. It is wonderful how even as a puppy they are so protective of their owners.


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This is the hero of the story. The hero without a cape. What a good boy that one is.


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This story is really an eye-opener for many people out there and for me too. I have learned many things from this story and one of the most important morals is not to talk to strangers, mind your own business and walk straight home. The other moral is to understand your dog and understand their body language so you know what they are indicating to you. The last moral is to be strong, brave and clever in these types of situations. Never trust random people on the road. Do not neglect your dog’s barking, and do not ignore the change in their attitude and tone. They do not bark without a cause, there always is a meaning behind it and please be safe. Do you have a pet dog? Has your pet dog ever done something for you to be grateful for? Has your pet dog ever saved your life? We would love to hear your stories so do not forget to share them with us in the comments down below…


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