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30 Brilliant Ideas That Made World A Better Place

We may get too caught up in our daily lives to remember that we hold the power to make certain changes, and to make it better, not just for ourselves but for others around us.

Whatever problem you or your loved ones have ever faced, can be prevented in the future with some solutions. If you’ve ever had a fleeting idea, someone may have already thought of a solution to it. Whether that’s women feeling unsafe in public spaces or making life easier for the elderly, we’ve compiled a list of genius ideas that people have found solutions for, and implemented in different parts of the world. We think it’s amazing that people have thought about making the world a more convenient and somewhat happier place for those who may need it!


Below you’ll find some brilliant ideas that will put an end to certain daily struggles! Do let us know of any more that you may know about that haven’t been included here!

1. If you feel unsafe on a date, you know what to do

via Rachel Geng

Crimes against women are something that the world should stand up against. Fortunately, to make it a little safer for people at risk, a pub in Lincolnshire, England started a new campaign known as ‘Ask For Angela’, to reduce cases of crimes on nights out. It originated in 2016 and has also been adopted by many other bars, pubs, and clubs around the world.

2. Waterproof, 3D, Printed Cast

via xventriloquist

“For everyone wondering, it’s held together with zip ties.” This may look cool but it takes 2 weeks to make such a cast, including the scan and casting process. It doesn’t take too long to be printed, however, the shipping process is a little too much. It has to be shipped from Colorado to Florida and the print itself isn’t easy to draft. Yikes!

But if you live in Colorado, go for it! Or just be safe? Yep, that sounds like a better option to me.

3. Helping people report in a discreet way

via theryanfight

“The Bathroom At My Doctor’s Office Has A Discreet Way For Victims Of Abuse, Violence, Or Human Trafficking To Get Help”

The best part about this is the fact that the number itself is a visual mnemonic device. You’ll be able to remember or recall it easily! Even if you’re in a hurry!

4. Make banana bread using the recipe on the packaging!

via WholesomeSwissCheese

“My Grocery Store Started Selling Overripe, Discount Bananas With A Recipe For Banana Bread On The Bag”

On average, Americans waste about 150,000 tons of food every single day. Amongst which are fruits and vegetables, they are the food items most likely to be thrown out and then the second most likely food to be thrown out are dairy and meat products, respectively. This means one pound of food per person is wasted each day. This solution was needed more than anything!

5. Bike stand and tire pump all in one!

via cremecitron

This picture was taken in the Netherlands where almost 36% of the people use cycling as their most frequent mode of transport. No wonder such a product was required!

6. Business cards for kids to allow them to be independent

via jordan460

Kids should be taught independence and how to be on their own. According to Let Grow, “treating today’s kids as physically and emotionally fragile is bad for their future, and [the] country’s. With an unpredictable and rapidly changing economy ahead, kids need to be flexible, creative problem-solvers. They can’t solve their problems if adults are always right there, solving them first!”

7. Visualize your pizza before you order!

via polynilium

I have needed this all my life! This is from a pizzeria in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s a little too far away for me, but here’s how you can find it according to the person behind the camera; “it’s literally above the metro station of Chodov on the Red/C line!”

8. Accommodating the color-blind

via aegist1

11 of these were installed in Tennesee by The Tennessee Department of Tourists and Tennesee State Parks, who have partnered with one another. These are the “color-blind” viewfinders.

9. Leave your dogs outside at this supermarket in Copenhagen!

via Flixen01

Problem solved! Your doggo will no longer be uncomfy.

10. See Evacuation Plan even if smoke has filled the air

via cawclot

Well, here’s someone who thought outside the firebox!

11. Flush by foot!

via BradleyC5922

This is something that we DEFINITELY need in public bathrooms! God knows how dirty these bathrooms can get.

12. Chemistry graphs made easy

via woodruff42

I knew there was a graph book for maths, but this is even more aesthetically pleasing.

13. Justifying the usage of each ingredient!

via silevram
Advertisement by UDM

For anybody who doesn’t know the technical names (basically all of us) and still wants to know why these products are used. Bye-bye Google, we don’t need you anymore.

14. Test your new shoes out on Lego

via Fresh_Asuna

15. Light a candle when your pet is about to leave you

via trojanknight

It’s extremely hard to say goodbye to your pets. Losing a loved one, and the pain that follows is something that is inevitable. At that time, all you need is immense support and unconditional regard. Here’s what the Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic based in South Africa had to say; “I beg you DO NOT LEAVE THEM. Do not make the transition from life to death in a room full of strangers in a place they don’t like. The thing you people need to know that most of you don’t is that they search for you when you leave them behind. They search every face in the room for their loved person. They don’t understand why you left them when they are sick, scared, old, or dying from cancer and they need your comfort.”

These ideas will make you both happy and sad at the same time, but whichever emotion you feel, it’s definitely a relief to know that important progress has been made on both big and smaller issues. Whether it is solving an issue for minorities or trying to treat issues of abuse, or bringing a smile to someone’s face, all these ideas are important and will play a part in making the world a nicer place to live in.

16. Bathroom stalls at the Atlanta Airport have lights to let you know which one is available

via katewhiteshark

It’s like a traffic signal for bathrooms.

17. Parking made easy by lines on walls

via Krzyygamin

This is something that should be adopted by the entire world.

18. Singapore allows the elderly more time at street crossings

via NickyNek

And the best part is; they don’t have to pay for it!

19. Efficient pizza leftover box

via dark_forebodings_too

Okay, but I wouldn’t leave a pizza. I’m going to eat that thing in one go!

20. Rubik’s cube for the visually impaired

via Notafakeinterpreter

21. Shop on your own or with some help!

via noideawhatsupp

Please stop following me, miss.

22. Kids can shoot soap suds at a car in the car wash

via Micool31

23. Soft barriers to avoid car scratching in France

via tomoblob

Finally, the cars can be scratch-free!

24. Supermarket map on trolleys in Sweden

via caspii2

So we shouldn’t just aimlessly walk around anymore? Why the rules?!

25. Watch the teacher cooking in the classroom mirror

via AlexsDoritos

Innovation level = 10000

26. Tuxedo printed inside this pizza box

via pwenski

Yo! They better have a dress on some of the boxes.

27. Flush the toilet by washing your hands

via willbo_baggins_YW

Multi-tasking but this time it’s actually beneficial.

28. Get medical and hygiene products from this school vending machine

via CommandLionInterface

29. People will think twice before running in this hallway!

via roadtrip-ne

The more I look at it, the trippier it gets!

30. Wheelchair users should be allowed to swing too!

via Kittenblack

Now that we’ve reached the end of these ideas, do let us know which one was your favorite! Do you have any more examples from your own country? We’d love to hear about them. There is enough suffering in the world and even one person’s smile makes it a brighter future for us all!


What do you think?