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20 Cameos In Famous Cartoons We Were Amazed To See

Have you ever spotted famous cartoon characters making a cameo appearance in other cartoon movies?

If you haven’t yet, today is your lucky day! Animators really enjoy sneaking in little easter eggs for the viewers to notice. As it turns out, Disney and their animators have been doing this for years. If you are a true fan of Disney and have sharp observational skills, you would have noticed the famous cartoon characters making a special appearance in different movies and cartoons. It’s not just Disney though, there are others as well.


Anyway, we have compiled a list of 20+ cameos of famous cartoons that truly left us speechless. Not even in our wildest imagination we could think that animators would do such splendid work at hiding them. So, let’s go ahead and see whether you noticed any of these cameos or not;

1. Remember this scene from Ralph Breaks The Internet? Did you notice these people and characters? We bet not.

via © Ralph Breaks The Internet / Disney

2. Spongebob appeared as a guest in the Simpsons.

via © The Simpsons / Fox

3. Burt Ward and Adam West were reunited in this episode of Futurama. By the way, they played the role of (Batman & Robin).

via © Futurama / Comedy Central

4. Did you notice Lady and the Tramp appearing in 101 Dalmations?

via © 101 Dalmations / Disney

5. Bambi’s mother also starred in The Sword in the Stone

via © The Sword in the Stone / Disney

6. Guess who the little mermaid is?

via © A Goofy Movie / Disney

7. Did you know that Cinderella’s father in law and the Grand Duke were also invited in a wedding in The Little Mermaid?

via © The Little Mermaid / Disney

8. Seems like Aladdin was quite fond of Beauty’s Beast as he had a toy version of him.

via © Aladdin / Disney

9. In the Hunchback of Notre Dame, you can spot Belle reading a book.

via © The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Disney

10. The coronation in Frozen starred Rapunzel and Flynn rider as special guests.

via © Frozen / Disney

11. Did you happen to notice these bootleg movies from Zootopia? The Giraffe one is for an unmade Jack & the Beanstalk movie.

via © Zootopia / Disney


12. Do you remember Flounder from The Little Mermaid? Well, it appears as a fish in Moana.

via © Moana / Disney

13. In Moana’s ending credits, you can see Wreck-it-ralph appearing.

via © Moana / Disney

14. Mickey Mouse cartoons always had special appearances!

via © Mickey Mouse / Disney

15. Can you identify these 3 girls from the Chowder? The Powerpuff girls!

via © Chowder / Cartoon Network

16. Appears like Powerpuff girls and Chowder had the same filming sets and similar people.

via © Chowder / Cartoon Network

17. Not sure whether this is a scene from Dexter’s laboratory or Powerpuff girls?

via © The Powerpuff Girls / Cartoon Network

18. Olaf from Frozen appeared in Big Hero 6

via © Big Hero 6 / Disney

19. In the Princess and the Frog, King Triton (from the Little Mermaid) can be seen as Mardi Gras during a parade.

via © The Princess and the Frog / Disney

20. Did you notice Cricket Green from Big City Greens appearing as a plush toy in Amphibia?

via © Amphibia / Disney

21. Soos from Gravity Falls challenging his inner Gumby!

via © Gravity Falls / Disney

22. This one’s a treat. Mr. Incredible can be seen wearing a Monster’s Inc shirt while Mrs. Incredible has a Finding Nemo themed dress.

via © The Incredibles / Disney

23. Oh and not to forget, animated characters can also appear as live-action versions. For instance, you can see Tiana, Sleeping beauty and Belle, chilling at Cinderella’s ball!

via © Cinderella / Disney

Did you enjoy these special appearances? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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