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20 Cartoon Facts That Took Will Make You Stop And Rethink

What’s a better way of being nostalgic than watching our favorite childhood cartoons?

Our childhood was filled with a great series of cartoons and animated movies such as The Lion King, Toy Story, Aladdin, and many more. A lot of efforts were put into directing these cartoons/animated movies which, to date, still stand out! But the more you see a movie or a cartoon, the more you would start noticing little details which you have never noticed in the first place. There are a lot of things that are left undiscovered because animated movies have been stuffed with them. Chances are, we would never notice the tiny details as we are too focused on the story and the main characters but now that we look back, we notice that there were so many things that we never even paid attention to and now it all makes sense.

Some people have great observational skills and might even notice those things in the first go but that’s highly unlikely. Luckily, the people have shared a few interesting details about some of our favorite animated movies that won’t just make you nostalgic but you will be surprised to see how come you never noticed it in the first place! So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check it out!

1. Lion King 1994

via © The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures© Hercules / Walt Disney Pictures

Do you remember Zazu saying to Scar that he’d make a handsome throw rug? Well, surprisingly, we saw that happening in Hercules (1997).

2. Toy Story – 1995

via © Toy Story / Pixar Animation Studios© The Shining / Warner Bros.

Did you notice how the pattern of the carpet in Sid’s house from the animated movie Toy Story (1995), was exactly the same as the floor as in the movie, The Shining (1980)?

3. Lion King – 1994

via © The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures

Just in case you didn’t notice, Simba was seen to be eating a bug with his pinky up. It depicted his manners which was an indication that he belongs to a royal family.

4. The Little Mermaid (1989)

via © The Little Mermaid / Walt Disney Pictures

In the scene where Ariel saved Eric, it can be seen that the background was all lit which made Ariel’s hair appear dark. Later on, Ursula decides to make her hair dark. A coincidence?

5. Anastasia – 1997

via © Anastasia / 20th Century Fox

This one was quite tricky. During the scene when she’s dancing, you’d notice that only her reflection was visible on the floor because she was the only real person in the room while the rest were not.

6. Shrek the third – 2007

via © Shrek The Third / DreamWorks Animation

This one was awkward. Do you remember Fiona’s secret door? Well, when she opens it, you’d notice her father’s statue kissing a horse’s butt.

7. Ratatouille – 2007

via © Ratatouille / Pixar Animation Studios

In the movie, there was a scene where Remy witnessed a man kissing a woman after she threatens to shoot him. So, when Collete gets mad, Remy makes Linguini kiss her in exactly the same way.

8. Hercules – 1997

via © Hercules / Walt Disney Pictures

This one was interesting. Did you notice that Zeus’s statue actually had a smile on it’s face after meeting Hercules?

9. Up – 2009

via © Up / Pixar Animation Studios

In the movie, you would notice that the colors of the movie were based upon Carl’s mood and attitude. For instance, in the scene where Carl is grieving the demise of his wife and the adventure they couldn’t go on, you would notice the colors become colder and darker. But as soon as he finds pictures of Ellie in the book and a note from her, everything brightened up which reflected a change in his feelings.

10. Aladdin – 1992

via © Aladdin / Walt Disney Pictures

How can we ever forget this moment! But for those of you who did not notice, in this scene when Aladdin tosses an apple to Jasmine, she immediately remembers and gets assured that it’s Prince Ali. Because he gave her the apple in the exact same way.

11. Toy Story – 1995

via © Toy Story / Pixar Animation Studios© Toy Story 3 / Pixar Animation Studios

Just in case you didn’t notice, Sid from Toy Story (1995) can be seen as a garbage man that appears in the 3rd part of the animated series.

12. Finding Dory – 2016

via © Finding Dory / Pixar Animation Studios

Did you notice the bag with the shrimp? Well, it was the only bag that was clean because he’s a skunk cleaner and eats bacteria.

13. Zootopia – 2016

via © Zootopia / Walt Disney Pictures

Zootopia seemed to be quite fonded of Frozen. In the movie Zootopia, you can spot 2 baby elephants who are wearing the costumes of Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

14. Tangled – 2012

via © Tangled / Walt Disney Pictures

In the movie, the lantern that was launched by Rapunzel’s parents actually ends up reaching her!

15. Beauty & the Beast – 1991

via © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures

It was quite weird to see that Belle agreed to be locked for the rest of her life in the Beast’s castle in order to save her father’s life. But she didn’t agree to marry Gatson.

16. Hercules – 1997

via © Hercules / Walt Disney Pictures

In the movie, you’d see that while Meg and Hercules are walking together, Meg was poked by Cupid’s arrow. It depicted that she has started falling in love with him.

17. Frozen – 2013

via © Frozen / Walt Disney Pictures

Similar to what we have seen in the movie Up (2006), Elsa’s castle changes colors too depicting her emotions. Blue would depict her happiness, yellow is anger and red means fear.

18. Sing – 2016

via © Sing / Illumination Entertainment

At the end of the movie, Mike the mouse gets eaten by the bear who chases him in the entire movie.

19. Brave – 2012

via © Brave / Walt Disney Pictures

One of the arrows that Merida shoots, ends up cutting her cheek as she’s about to release it from the bow.

20. The Boss Baby – 2017

via © The Boss Baby / DreamWorks Animation

This one was quite interesting and hilarious at the same time. You would notice that the T-shirt Tim is wearing has the number “01” on it. But as soon as he gets a younger brother, the number changes to “02” which depicts that he isn’t his parent’s priority anymore. Sad, but pretty realistic, don’t you think?

Well, have reached the end of this post and we hope that now whenever you would watch any of these movies, you are definitely going to notice these details which we just pointed out. However, we would like to know whether you knew it before or not? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below!


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