26 Times Cats Acted Better Than Hollywood Actors

Cats are probably the most talented creatures on this planet.

What is it that a cat can’t do? I think you guys already know the answer but for those who have been living under a rock for some odd reason, there is nothing cats can’t do. Cats are basically one of those creatures who are born with master-level skills in every activity or task you can think of, be it being a protector of their owners, a source of hilarity and entertainment, a moody animal who can take your life in a second, or being a professional actor. What we are in for is amazing cat content and thanks to all these skills that cats were naturally born with, the internet is filled with millions and millions of posts about cats doing nothing but making our day.

Cats are also very good at showcasing emotions, they do not like to keep things in. They will square it off right away, be it loving someone back by snuggling them, walking them in the face because they delayed your food, protesting because you didn’t allow it to play outside. Cats, being highly independent, are very emotional. And today this is the trait we are going to be enjoying.

Here are some hilarious and adorable images of cats that will make you believe they are some great actors, even better than some Hollywood actors we see on screen. You know who you are.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. When it comes to posing, cats can often surpass our best supermodels like they are nothing.

Via xsarahbella / Reddit

2. Between the two brown cats and the white cats, the diversity in emotions is way too high.


The white cat is absolutely disgusted while the other two are sleeping with nothing but peace on their faces.

Via sadin2324 / Reddit

3. Dad, you said we will chat, play, and eat in 30 minutes, it is now 31 minutes and I need you.


Timing is everything for cats and their moods, if you are one second late to a commitment, that mood will shift very quickly.

Via srv13275 / Reddit

4. They just handed it a colorful string and what happened next was undocumented.

The cat probably went crazy as can be seen from this evidence.


Via magdigger / Pikabu

5. They’re all unhappy to be where they are but every cat has a different way of showing that.


It’s like everyone is trying to one-up each other in showing contempt.

Via Ivanova1972 / Pikabu

6. After a very cold winter, Buddha decided to spend the summer in serenity.


Via junebug0325 / Reddit

7. Deny them something and this is how they will make you change your mind.


Via vladgrinch / Reddit

8. The bigger their eyes, the more innocence drips out of their soul.


Via -b4b- 7 / Reddit

9. And how could I forget, they are the most fearless creatures you will ever come across.

There is literally no planning behind anything they do. They just wing it and face the consequences as they arise.


Via reynaldolemons / Reddit

10. Is that Puss in Boots but in real life? I actually cannot believe my eyes.


The coat is a bit light but those dark shallow eyes and those same facial characteristics just shocked me beyond belief. Puss is real.

Via, Skrek/ DreamWorks Animation

11. Boxes. They will be the most expressive when they are inside a box. Box is life.

Via bill_murrey / Reddit

12. Obviously there has been a disagreement on something and the two are now not going to converse.

Their egos are so inflated that unless a third person comes in, they will not lower that barrier.


Via Gravizappa / Pikabu

13. All set for a nice summer trip to Spain.

Packed all necessary items for survival.

Via Gebre_hagos / Reddit

Cats just keep proving me right, they are the most innocent and the most expressive souls and that is the best part about them. I love cats and we have to protect them at all costs.

Let’s enjoy some more expressive cat looking super adorable.

14. No wonder cats can go real dark real quick, but motherhood is never ignored by them.

The mothers will do everything in their power to take care of their kittens and provide them with the best life possible.


Via KevlarYarmulke / Reddit

15. This is the most adorable thing I have seen a cat do.

Normally when you see them approaching you, they have plans to wack you. This is sweet.

Via eggsandwich26 / Reddit

16. A happy family living together forever.


Unlike humans of today, their preference for a joint system is very high.

Via bill_murrey / Reddit

17. When you’ve been anxiously waiting for Dad to finish his Call of Duty session so you can finally spend some quality time together.

But it feels like the whole “one more game” strategy has made the kitty tired.

Via Wetzel09 / Reddit

18. When your Mom adopts another cat without telling you and you realize all that love just got divided into 2.


Via Honeyflowers / Reddit

19. I’m Catman. Let me in because I scream and kill your reputation in the neighborhood.

Via UnableLizard00 / Reddit

20. I wonder what did the little one saw that creeped the poop out of it and didn’t even make the bigger one flinch.


Perhaps the little one was being a little too dramatic, the way cats are.

Via harryxx11 / Reddit

21. It’s like this cat goes to Vogue for daily photoshoots.

Just observe the glamour in those eyes, that cat was born to model.

Via HasserowAweil / Pikabu

22. I think this cat just saw a partial deprivation problem and is now confused beyond belief.


Via Terabayt / Pikabu

23. The post looked better in the head.

Via LampaKota / Pikabu

24. Just give me 5 more minutes, I am almost done.


Via Vacilisywka / Pikabu

25. Hey, take one from this side and make it look like a candid.

Ah, so cats do this too. I wonder what heartbreaking caption this one is going to use to post on social media.

Via vred123 / Pikabu

26. The big furry coat is on, it is now time to protect Winterfell.


Via HadoukenKitty / Reddit

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