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19 Hilarious Pics That Prove Rules Are Made To Be Broken… By Cats

Cats have fully taken over our life since the minute they decided to join our houses. When our feline pals rub against our legs, knead our laps, or look us in the eyes and purr, we love them even more. However, we may not always appreciate our four-legged companions. Because they do not follow the rules, they are the ones who break all the laws and live as if they are their own bosses.


Whether it’s a cat sleeping on the dog’s new bed or a cat sitting on the hat and looking around as if it owns the place. These little buddies not only rule our house, but also our hearts! It’s not wrong to say that human lives have changed considerably over the previous bunch of years, but our passion and love for cats has not. And these compiled cat images is are a prove that cats are the best blessing that showered upon us.

So, continue scrolling to see these beautiful cat pictures that will brighten your day!

1. Cats rule the world!

Via kopanisti / Reddit

“I bought a new bed for my dog.”

2. Well, some custom-made paw-printed paper is what we need in our life.

Via © flippiebippie / Reddit

“I tried to make my own paper. Failed successfully.”

3. Why are cats so attention-seekers?

Via djstickylee / Reddit

“I’m trying to do a puzzle.”

4. Oh, that’s why these hair ties are always missing.

Via  beatissima / Reddit

“My dad moved the couch and found the cat’s secret stash.”

5. “Leave your work and scratch my belly”

Via  NextComplexTopo / Reddit

6. That’s a cat fort, and this kitty is the king of this fort.

Via HandOfGlory211 / Reddit

“Guess why our trash can is now in the bathroom?”

7. “Don’t leave me, man!”

Via Zarkhator / Reddit

“My cat clawed at my dad as he walked by and got stuck. She does this all the time.”

8. Comfy towels!

Via CSI_am_Sam / Reddit

“Clean towels? Don’t mind if I do?”

9. No way, hold on kitty…don’t move.

Via B1uepunk / Reddit

“But what if I just… tip this over?”

10. Doesn’t this kitty looks like Hitler?

Via Sportynose / Reddit

“She just jumped up and lied down on her.”

11. Introducing the King of the House!

Via  doittodem / Reddit

“Cat on the hat. It stays until he moves too much to be a good perch.”

12. “Hooman, where is the fish-flavored pizza?”

Via yoondzidzi / Reddit

“He wanted to sit on the pizza box so he did, the other cat was irrelevant.”

13. A loaf of bread with a loaf of love!

Via Chrysanthemum419 / Reddit

“Meet Waffles. She lies wherever she wants, as if she pays the bills.”

14. But…there’s no rat behind this screen.

Via neko_ramen / Reddit

“Kami working afterhours to find out where all the mice on the screen come from”

15. This cat just wants some attention.

Via Repulsive-Worth5715 / Reddit

“I eventually just gave up.”

16. Where are the damn snacks, man?

Via Mermap / Reddit

“I came home to a shredded treat bag. It was on the top shelf of a cabinet. I caught him trying to find it again this morning.”

17. Almost every cat is called “Nooo” or “Get down”…

Via  urban_shoe_myth / Reddit

“Every single time I turn my back on something that’s cooking. I’m fairly certain he thinks his name is Get Down.”

18. This melting cat has seen something…

Via  superbialm / Reddit

“Let meow out.”

Every cat we find in this universe is unique, while some of them are a little more unique and special. Reddit / OfficeSpaceRocks

19. This purr got some cat-titide!

Via hamsandwichman9 / Reddit

I gave up after 20 minutes of trying to weigh my cat on the home scale. I came back to find him lounging like this.”

Do you own a cat who always breaks the rules? If yes, then do share your cats’ image with us in the comments area below!


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