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30 Cat Owners Shared How Their Cats Looked Then & Now That Shows Power Of Adoption

Adoption changes lives.

And it doesn’t just change the life of the animal you’re adopting. It changes yours as well. With adoption comes a whole lot of love and cuddles. But it also requires a lot of responsibility. It is almost like raising a human child. You have to feed it, take care of it, provide it with everything that it needs and learn to love it unconditionally. Human love comes with a lot of conditions. However, animals tend to love unconditionally. That is mostly because you are the only family they have. You are their best friend, their parent, and their partner for life. So they are bound to love you the most in this world.


The Internet can be a wonderful place sometimes. The subreddit r/BeforeNAfterAdoption contains hundreds of miracle stories of pet parents rescuing and adopting their furry feline babies. We have gathered some of the most heartwarming ones. Scroll down below to see how cats looked then and now, which shows the power of adoption:

#1 My Boy Yuzu Was A Stray Found By A Friend Of Mine With The Worst Case Of Scabies We’ve Ever Seen (We’re All Vet Students). He’s Also Had Ear Mites, Fungal Infections, Stud Tail, & Recurrent Ear And Eye Infections One After The Other. One Year And Lots Of Treatments Later And He’s Perfectly Healthy!

That doesn’t even look like the same cat.

#2 This Is Barley! My Son And I Found Her By The Road. She Had Been Abandoned. So Thin… Covered In Fleas. The Last Photo Was 3 Months After We Found Her. She’s Simply The Sweetest Little Cat Ever


Judging by her looks, you definitely saved her life.

#3 “We’re Just Going To Foster Him,” – My Mother, In May Of 2015


He’s beautiful.

Thanks to a lot of awareness and compassionate people, about 3.2 million shelter animals get adopted every year. They find their forever homes and start a new life. We have other good news for you as well. The pet euthanasia rates have dropped 75% since 2009. If we keep spreading awareness and love, we can make a huge change.

#4 Melvin: Found In A Trash Heap In June 2012. He Spent His First Night In His Forever Home Sleeping On Me. Six Years Later, It’s Still His Favorite Place To Be


You can tell how much he loves his mommy.

#5 Kai Mana Had His Jaw Stepped On And Would Be Put Down. I Worked Full Time And Couldn’t Commit To Taking Care Of Him. But My BF Took Him To Get Surgery, And Fed Him Kitten Formula Through A Syringe. He Brought Him To His Construction Job, And Woke Up Every Two Hours For Feedings. He’s Happy Today


He’s the one.

#6 One Month Ago, I Found This Baby In The Wheel Of My Forklift At Work. Now She Lives At Home With Me. Meet Emmy (6 Weeks vs. 10 Weeks)


All you need is a little love.

#7 This Is Benben. Before/After Death Row


Benben takes help from his instagram followers to raise funds for shelter animals.

#8 I Had To Fight My Wife To Not Leave Him At The Shelter—she Was Concerned He’d Either Cost Us A Ton Of Money In Vet Bills Or Die Soon Since He Was So Sickly, Turns Out He Just Needed Food And Kisses


Food and kisses are the cure to everything.

#9 Phoenix Was Rescued From The Streets And Was Covered In Hot Tar. Little Over A Month Later, He Looks Amazing, He Loves Humans And Is Ready To Enter A Loving Home


What a strong boy.

#10 Kira Was Founded Almost Dead Of Starvation In A Farm With Cows. She Was Healthy In One Week And We Kept Her. Summer 2018


Cute little bat.

#11 2 Years Ago Today I Walked Into A Petsmart And Met A Cat Named Sonny Who No One Would Adopt Because He Was 13 Years Old, Covered In Fleas, Underweight, And Had A Mouth Full Of Rotten Teeth That Had To Be Removed. He Came Home With Me That Night And It Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

People only go for what’s convenient for them.

#12 Our Sweet Cousteau! From A Scrawny Street Kitty In New Orleans To A Prince Living In Paris


It looks like he’s winking.

#13 Before And After Fostering. Roadrunner On The Day I Got Him From The Shelter, And On The Day He Went To His New Home

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What a drastic change.

#14 Albus Was Found Abandoned And Starving On The Streets Of Cairo. The Strays Wouldn’t Let Him Eat. He’s Now Spoilt Rotten And Incredibly Affectionate


Albus is a handsome young guy.

#15 These Two Cat Brothers Were Rescued From The Street And They Are As Inseparable Today As They Were The Day I Found Them

Glad they are still together.

Are you seeing these 180 degree transformations? Look at how happy they are now. Having your own home is truly a blessing. Having a family that loves you and cares for you can really turn things around for you. If you think something is missing from your life and you need someone to show you unconditional love, adopt a kitty. You can thank me later.

#16 One Year Ago, Jake Was Found Underneath A Car, Alone And Half Frozen. He Was 4 Weeks Old And His Mom Was Gone. Now He’s The Biggest Kitty With The Most Personality That I’ve Ever Met


Aww, he’s adorable!

#17 Some Wonderful Soul Found This Little Guy On The Street Cuddled Up In A Plastic Container. 3 Years Later, He Is The Happiest, Sweetest, Most Playful, Curious Cat. Love Him So Much And Thank You Wonderful Soul, Whomever You Are

There is still some hope left in this world.

#18 From Feral To Friend (Harry’s Story). Last January, We Received Word That There A Was A Feral Cat Found With A Terrible Head Wound. He Was On Death’s Doorstep. We Took Him In To Recover And 8 Months Later He Won’t Leave Our Side


We’re just glad that he has recovered.

#19 A Little Love Goes A Long Way

He looks healthy!

#20 I Rescued The Cat Off The Street. Photos Before And After. One Month Difference. Part 2


What a fluffy baby!

#21 10 Year Old Girl Neglected By Previous Owners. Took A While To Come Out Of Her Shell, She’s The Sweetest Old Gal

She has such unique fur markings.

#22 Worked My Ass Off To Bring Spooky Back From The Edge. He Passed Away Unexpectedly Weeks Later But His Short Presence Was A Gift


At least Spooky was loved and cared for in his last moments.

#23 My Midnight’s Transformation

That cat photobomb though.

#24 Found Homeless In 120 Deg Heat, Gave Birth To 5 Kittens Within 2 Hours Of Us Taking Her In…and Now She’s Our Princess!

She is beautiful.

#25 This Is River. At The Shelter, He Was Shaved As His Fur Was Extremely Matted And Riddled With Flees. He Had Coccidia And Conjunctivitis. After Some Medicine And Tlc, He’s Doing Amazing! He’s The Most Loving And Affectionate Kitty Ever, Always Snuggling Up And Kissing Me! I’ve Had Him For 4 Months

Such a majestic cat.

#26 My Foster Went From Just 3lbs With Multiple Infections Being Syringe Fed To Over 7lbs In Just A Month!


He can sleep peacefully now.

#27 The Shelter Named Him “Cupido” Because He Had Been Shot Through And Through With An Arrow. He Also Had A Respiratory Infection Because He’s Felv Positive. Now He’s Fat And Happy


What kind of inhumane creature shoots an arrow at a cat?!

#28 My Cousin Saw This 20lb Senior Cat Available For Adoption. After A Year Of Love, Dieting, And Proper Veterinary Care, Roger Has Lost 5+ Pounds. He’s Still A Big Boy But He’s Happy And Active

Look at Roger’s moustache!

#29 From “Take Me Home” To “Never Let Me Go”. We Adore Our Little Dude



Found his forever home!

#30 When I First Saw Her Sela Was A Sick, Underweight, Flea Infested Stray The Local Pound Picked Up. Today We Celebrated Her 1 Year Adoption Day, Matching Party Hats And All!

Get someone who looks at you the way Sela looks at her human.

Do you have an adopted kitty? Share their story with us in the comments below!


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