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Truck Driver Gets Emotional When He Reunites With Long Lost Travel Buddy After Months Of Searching

Fate brought them together again.

We all pet owners can easily agree on the fact that when we adopt an animal it immediately becomes our family, a part of ourselves and our most beloved creature on this whole planet. They become our first priority and our responsibility to take good care of them no matter what. Our love for our beloved pets is exactly like our love for our own children. We can not imagine our lives without them, our world would be gloomy and our life would be incomplete without them in it. Any normal parent would go insane if their child was to get lost somewhere and never to be found again, that trauma and pain are indescribable and dangerous, it could literally kill the mourning parent. Be it, a human child or a pet, the situation still remains equally painful.


We came across a similar heartbreaking story of a truck driver from Texas known as Matthew B, he has a very beautiful and charming four-legged fur baby as a travel companion called Ashes who went missing a couple of months ago. Their emotional story will literally break your heart and make you tear up. The story is a total roller coaster of emotions, how they were enjoying traveling together and then got separated drastically and then spent months apart and then finally met each other again. It is just too much to handle. Keep on scrolling down to read the whole story in detail…

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1. Meet Ashes, the beautiful and adorable fur baby.

So basically, both Matthew and Ashes have been traveling together on the road for a while and they have been traveling all around the country in Matthew’s 18-wheeler semi-truck. The cat is a three-year-old adorable fur baby. Matthew and his beloved pet Ashes share an extremely strong bond with each other. They are literally inseparable and soulmates. Matthew spends his days traveling across the country but only prefers his beloved pet cat as his traveling buddy.

It was all going well, Matthew and ashes were having the best time of their lives as they enjoyed traveling with each other’s company. The real unfortunate and dreadful thing that actually happened a couple of months ago during one such trip was that Ashes had accidentally slipped out of Matthew’s truck as he was driving. They were passing through Springfield, Ohio at the time. As expected, Ashes must have gotten scared by the unfamiliar surroundings she was in and instinctively ran off into the bushes to find a shelter to seek protection. Of course, Matthew was absolutely going crazy when he realized that Ashes was missing from the truck. He was frantically devastated and started looking everywhere for his best buddy as he called out her name but to no avail. After searching literally everywhere he thought Ashes could possibly be hiding, he was crushed and defeated because he had to give up his hope that he will find Ashes in the middle of nowhere. So he had to get back on the road and continue his journey alone and heartbroken that he once started with his best friend.

2. She is so adorable and elegant, I just can not imagine how painful it must have been for the both of them to be separated from each other.

However, in all honesty, Matthew actually never fully stopped looking for his beloved pet cat. He even rearranged all of his routes over the course of two months so that he could return to the spot where Ashes was last seen. Thankfully, Matthew never completely gave up looking for his fur baby. He had faith and hope that if he tried a little harder, he can find his lost best buddy. He kept coming back every other day where he thought he had lost Ashes because he always had hope and a gut feeling that it would be that day he would finally find Ashes. Sadly, his dearest Ashes was still nowhere to be found as if she disappeared in the thin air.


Matthew started giving up unknowingly bit by bit because of getting disappointed every time he hoped he would finally meet his fur baby but all in vain. He probably thought that he would never see his beloved cat again. It must have been such a difficult time for Matthew and for Ashes as well since the domestic cat could not survive in the wild on her own. He had no idea how she was fending for herself when she was used to being pampered all the time, the thought must be eating him alive. Thankfully, all of that changed when a kind passerby named Kimberly spotted a cat alone in 13-degree weather, she quickly realized that it was a domestic cat but she had no idea how did she end up here. It was actually very surprising that even after months have gone by since Ashes got off her owner’s truck but she was still found in the same spot she went missing. “She was trying to not put her feet down on the ground, it was so cold,” Kimberly recalled.

3. This picture was taken when Ashes got reunited with her beloved owner Matthew.

The kind woman Kimberly took that upon herself to take Ashes to a safer place. She picked her up, took her to her car and decided to surrender the cat to the animal rescue organization called Lollypop Farm. Luckily, Ashes had a microchip on her, so Lollipop Farm was able to track her owner and happily return Ashes to Matthew after they scanned her microchip. All of the employees at the animal rescue organization were completely shocked when they found out that Ashes was 1,465 miles from home and she has been missing for months.


“Our Admissions Team immediately scanned for a microchip, as they do with all incoming pets. Not only did he have one, but he had an owner who had registered him under a Texas address that was over 1,465 miles away! This was one cross-country kitty,” said the organization.

I told you this story was going to be a roller coaster of emotions, it was so heartbreaking in the beginning. The whole trip and the experience must have been not less than a nightmare to the both of them, the owner and the cat. As readers, we are terrified but can you imagine what the owner who actually experienced all of this in real life was going through? No matter how much sadness I feel for them but I still can not feel half the pain and misery the owner and the cat went through. I can never put myself in his shoes, I pray no one gets to experience such a horrible thing in their lives and I pray no one ever gets separated from their loved ones. Keep on scrolling down to read what happened next…

4. Matthew and his four-legged best friend enjoy each other’s company after months.


Matthew was totally thrilled to find out that his beloved pet cat was completely safe and sound. He immediately rearranged his driving schedule to drive back to New York. He was obviously very emotional as he burst into tears when he saw his beloved cat and got to hold him after months of separation from his best friend. And for the lovely Ashes, she immediately recognized her dad from afar and ran right up to his arms with affectionate head-butts, snuggling and cuddling. “Ashes knew him, and was immediately affectionate,” the shelter said.

5. More endless snuggles with dad.

During their extremely emotional reunion, Matthew held Ashes tightly and securely in a warm embrace. He was being super protective of Ashes, it looked like now he would not let her go out of his arms or sight no matter what. Matthew even called this whole thing his “Christmas miracle”. Indeed, it was no less than a miracle to reunite with his lost pet cat after months in a place hundreds of miles away from each other.


Mathew said, “It’s my Christmas miracle. It’s that microchip – without it, I wouldn’t have ever gotten him back. The women that found him saved his life, but the microchip brought him home.”

6. That was the sweetest happy ending of Ashes and Matthew, now they are on their way back home!


We all are over the moon with happiness, we are so glad that these two best friends finally found their way back to each other. Have you ever lost and found your pet? Tell us your story in the comments down below…


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