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19 Hilarious Pictures Of Cats Defying Laws Of Physics

Newton must be turning in his grave.

There are a hundred reasons to love cats and being the biggest comedians is one of them. Is there a single thing that these furry clowns do without making us laugh and adore them hard? I think not. You bring a cat home, and then see your life turning into a comic show; each day is an episode with new cat hilarities. You can’t get enough of your feline partner because of their adorableness. Besides, they are more independent than any other pet and will always find new ways to surprise you with their weirdness and drama. And just when you start to think that’s the end of their masterstrokes, they are back with a bang to prove you wrong.

Internet users shared pictures of their cats showing some absolute weird feats that will make you doubt the hardly formulated laws of physics. I mean, how the heck is this four-legged furball glued to the side of the wall without falling? In what world? Am I missing something? Also, the things they do with their bodies is super hilarious too. Like, what are you made of, cat bud? Liquid or something?

These pictures broke the internet and people shared similar photos of their cats. Let’s get you straight into this thread that will prove that cats are the weirdest.

#1 Gravity: Am I a joke to you?

Credit: Unknown author / Imgur

#2 Blessing thy eyes with all the flexibility!

Credit: ellieandeevee / Reddit

#3 *me breaking my backbone after bending a little to pick something from the ground*

My cat doing a 360 flip after every five minutes:

Credit: onepunchbald / Reddit

#4 Spider cat.

Credit: werewolfchow / Reddit

#5 Imagine this CATastrophe happening in your shower. 

Credit: AredLion / Reddit

#6 “Yeah, right. I’m a weirdo”

Credit: Hark-a-kitty / Reddit

#7 Someone did the assembling wrong.

Credit: chisf3 / Reddit

#8 My mind can’t process the fact that she has this long neck. 

Credit: tri-trii / Reddit

#9 Now that’s a weird place to loaf.

Credit: urbanoffroad / Imgur

#10 When they call you pretty. 

Credit: wweellllohff**ckk / Reddit

Well, it seems they are not only defying the laws of physics but also of physiology and anatomy. Bending their liquid bodies and changing the shape is beyond hilarious. Yes, cats are liquid. We have even more proof of that. Keep scrolling.

#11 What a gorgeous looking goofball!

Credit: pedroburon / Reddit

#12 Gravity ain’t shit.

Credit: Tbonsai / Reddit

#13 The question is not why, the question is HOW?

Credit: GerhartFalkstein410 / Reddit

#14 Is the floor lava?

Credit: Unknown author / Imgur

#15 Is this a new yoga pose?

Credit: yungkrueger / Reddit

#16 Yeah okay, we’re impressed, buddy!

Credit: Denso95 / Reddit

#17 When you are mad but also want them to see you and talk.

Credit: MimiBeast / Imgur

#18 That’s some seriously wrong placement.

Credit: Paxilluspax / Reddit,  Smoopiebear / Reddit

#19 Whatever. Still cute.

Credit: iwantsofttacos / Reddit

Does your cat also do the same? Which cat feat was the most remarkable? Let us know in the comments below!

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