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Mum Leaves Out Special Needs Child From Daughter’s Birthday And Asks If She Is Wrong

Posted on: 02 Apr 2020

Teach your children to love one another. People come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are different than others, that does not mean they need to be left out. We need to raise our children to be compassionate towards everyone. We need to set up good examples for them. After all, monkey see, monkey …

Woman Replies To Boeing’s Downfall By Saying Things Capitalists Say To The Poor People

Posted on: 27 Mar 2020

Being poor is not always a choice. It frustrates me when people bash the poor for being “lazy” and not working “hard enough.” They blame them for not being educated enough, not having an “appropriate degree” or just ask them to work several jobs at one time. It is not humanely possible and all that …

Artist Who Creates Tear Jerking Comics About Animals Is Back With Another Heartbreaking Reality

Posted on: 20 Mar 2020

Animals are not meant to be our personal form of entertainment. Human beings can be selfish. Just for the sake of a little entertainment, they can make the lives of lesser beings miserable. Zoos and circuses where wild animals are trapped in cages are a big example of the cruelty we unleash upon them. Illustrator …

Guy Explains Italy’s Corona Virus Situation In 6 Stages & It’s An Eye-Opener

Posted on: 19 Mar 2020

The Corona Virus isn’t stopping for anyone. It is spreading like wildfire even with all the precautions people are taking. However, some people are still not taking it seriously. I see people still going out with their friends for drinks without realising how much danger they are in. Twitter user Jason Yanowitz listed the stages …

10+ Family Fights That Had The Dumbest Reasons Ever

Posted on: 18 Mar 2020

Every family has its problems. Sometimes the reasons are not really valid. People fight over stupid things, and family is known to do that. My sister and I are adults, and last week we were fighting over colour pencils. My mother and I fought over me wanting to get tattoos. But some people really cross …

Artist Creates Funny Comics About Mental Health Issues That Hit Too Close To Home

Posted on: 16 Mar 2020

Mental health issues are not rare anymore. If you or someone you love are going through mental health issues, just know that you are not alone. The world supports you and understands you. Some people deal with their problems by talking it out, some by bottling it up, and some deal with problems by expressing …

CEO Shares His Story And Gives Best Advice About Creating Workplace More Transparent

Posted on: 14 Mar 2020

You don’t have to become a robot to be good at your job. Work and home balance – one of the biggest struggles employees face today. If you’re doing a 9 to 5 job, having quality family time and a good social life is almost impossible: Is that true or is it a myth? Are …

Man Tweets Saying Periods Are Disgusting, So Internet Brutally Puts Him To Place

Posted on: 12 Mar 2020

Periods are natural. It’s time that people accept the natural processes that a woman’s body go through. We are supposed to bleed every month, childbirth is not all roses and hugs and that is just how it is. However, let me give you a fair warning. Do not mess with women on their period. Wait, …

Tumblr Thread Explains Diversity Of Food In Different Cultures And It’s Accurate AF

Posted on: 10 Mar 2020

What’s your favourite type of food? Chinese? Thai? Or would you prefer a good old classic English breakfast today? There should be versatility in food, you should spice up things every once in a while. I’m from the Middle East so spicing up things is kind of normal for me. This Tumblr thread explained recipes …

10+ Hilarious Comics About Pets By Pet Foolery That’ll Make Your Day

Posted on: 10 Mar 2020

Are you an animal lover? Well, we sure are. That’s why we’re such huge fans of Pet Foolery. Ben Hed from Minnesota is a talented illustrator who publishes his work in the form of comics. You must be aware of his famous Pixie and Brutus comics as well. So Pet Foolery has come up with more …