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Cats In Shower That Prove They Don’t Give A Damn About Your Privacy

Get a cat, they said. It would be fun, they said.


While that may be true, there are so many other things that come with a cat that we just HAVE to handle. No matter what. Be it their mood swings, them breaking things, random scratches (out of love of course), and obviously the lack of privacy. We don’t really have a choice now, do we? Plus! With them being so cute and squishable, we think it’s safe to say that we might be a little too much in love with cats to not handle this messy side of owning a cat.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love cats and I will love cats till my last breath. And I am sure, you do, too. But, we can’t deny that a little privacy would be nice, right? Here’s to hoping!

And for those of you who do not have a cat and don’t know what it’s like or what we’re talking about, this is the perfect place for you. Because we are about to show you what it’s like. Here are examples of what living with a cat is like. Scroll and see for yourself!

1. Just sitting there…

Silently judging you

2. Camouflage done right.


Surely this human doesn’t know there’s a cat in his undie.

3. *Wink Wink*


I know what you’re doing, hooman.

4. Just when you think they are one of you…


They start doing “human” things.

5. I know I am in your space,


But srsly, turn off your flash. It’s in my eye.

6. May I help you bathe?


Or perhaps I could just watch.

7. Just going to pretend like it’s normal.


Plus it’s very cozy.

8. Good, you’re finally here.


Now turn on the water and get in.

9. ‘Hey, hooman? Why’d you lock me out?’


Whatcha doin in there?

10. May I interrupt, Sir?


Why don’t you use the litter? Like the rest of us?

11. Just going to chill on your leg.

Don’t mind me!

Alright, alright! Maybe we did exaggerate a little too much. We don’t really mind cats not giving us privacy at all. In fact, we low-key love being followed around and given this much attention. Plus, who doesn’t need a companion when you’re in the bathroom, just sitting being bored. A little company never hurt! And as for you, it’s not the end yet. There are many more pictures to go through. Keep scrolling!

12. This cat is certainly shocked to have discovered what humans actually look like.


3..2..1 and JUMP

13. ‘I don’t like the water’

Advertisement by UDM

But I love them bubbles.

14. Another shocked cat.


Yep, that’s what butts look like!

15. ‘So, What’s up?’

A nice cozy place you got here, hooman

16. Well, someone seems angry.


Is it not what you expected?

17. Too big to fit.

Still never going to stop trying.

18. We’re shocked to see how this cat loves being in water.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but it be like that sometimes.

19. It’s a better view from up here.

Go ahead, do your thing.

20. I know it’s a tight space in here,


But I can’t leave you alone, hooman. What if you get lost?

21. Cat: ‘I wonder why it’s so warm in here?’

Alright, enough with the paparazzi.

22. Well, this cat is trying to be there for you.


Umm.. some parts of it is, at least.

Did you fall in love with them? I know I did. Being a cat lover does have its perks. Literally any cat or anything a cat does just gets 1000% more exciting. Did these cats make you laugh out loud with their silliness? Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this with all the cat lovers around you!


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