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15 Cats Getting Into Their Usual Shenanigans

Cats are master manipulators.

I know every cat lover in this universe is going to come for me after this but it is true. Haven’t you seen this act like innocent and like they haven’t done anything wrong while they are sitting on a mess of their own making. And we always tend to forgive them because who can stay mad at their beautiful little faces? The answer is no one unless you have a heart made of stone.

So that is why today we have some more cat-related things that I am sure you would love to see. From cats being their usual aloof selves to just making a mistake, this article has it all. And I am sure you want to see some new cat material rather than a rehash of all the old stuff. So take a look by scrolling below.

#1 I don’t think this cat likes being help up so high.

Via Reddit

My friend works for animal control and once she met this little behemoth.

#2 This is what we call a bat cat moment.

Via 90plusWPM

#3 Who needs a cup holder when you have a cat doing all the heavy lifting.

Via L3vit

I’m ready to do anything for you.

#4 After all the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Via duncan_D_sorderly

#5 He doesn’t want you to even look at his wife and kids.

Via Pikabu

#6 I think I spoke too soon about the bat cat.

Via batfinkthecat

#7 When you are too old to care for children in the house.

Via Cerublue28

Here’s my 12-year-old cat asking if we have to keep the rambunctious kittens.

#8 This is how you pull off a proper wink and look magnificent while doing it.

Via DSIgameboy

#9 When you spend too much time playing games and your cat wants cuddles ASAP.

Via Pikabu

#10 This is why summer is in fact the worst season of all.

Via poskot777

#11 ‘The lasagna is not going to come out perfectly without the sauce.’

Via Pikabu

#12 When you are just hanging on for dear life.

Via Ivanova1972

#13 This woman is clearly ruining the image he had going for him.

Via Evgenius777

#14 I think your cat has been possessed by a demon…….again.

Via arthik

#15 I see no cuddles in the near future for this person from their cat.

Via Cavalier4Beer

What does your cat do that you find particularly weird? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share this article with the world as well so others can appreciate all the kitten goodness as well.


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