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50 Cats Posts On Tumblr That Are Too Hilarious Not To Laugh At

Cats are hilarious creatures.

Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration since they don’t really intend to be funny. Cats usually want to be evil. At least that’s what we can understand from their habits. However, once in a while their dumb shenanigans will make us laugh to no end. And since cats have taken over the Internet from Youtube to Tumblr, we have no choice but to share more cats’ posts.

And it isn’t like anybody is hating on that. Everybody loves waking up to a few adorable cat posts. It just reminds us that rather than them being our pets, we are their butlers. And that is why today we are going to look at some of the weirdest behaviors of cats that leave us with our mouth agape. Nobody ever said cats were easy to understand and this is the proof.

#1 Overcharging a cat is not a good idea.

Via setheverman

Cats sleep all the time because people forget to charge them. -Seong Jin

#2 I wish all teachers were like this.

Via setheverman

#3 The liquid one might spill out of the cage.

Via heart

#4 It’s best to back away slowly.

Via theashleyclements

Shhhh we’re summoning Satan.

#5 This is making me feel so single.

Via x-cometophobia-x

#6 The underneath picture has left me speechless.

Via unimpressedcats

#7 It’s because of all the almonds in there.

Via catsareassholes

My protection senses are tingling. That box is horribly close to the edge. -Cassiel Magem

#8 Is she trying to find a squirrel?

Via zackisontumblr

#9 When people tell you to behave more ‘feminine’.

Via floozys

#10 Ignore until they all go away.

Via unimpressedcats

Why are the cats doing this?…..I’m stumped…. -Kenneth Sr

#11 Nobody likes to eat alone.

Via patientlights

#12 This is not what she wanted.

Via untamedunwanted

#13 We are very dissapointed in your performance.

Via setheverman

It’s okay to believe that cats have feelings like us. From time to time they will show us. -MysticalMan

#14 You are not going to get out of this alive.

Via setheverman

#15 These cats are not happy that they are still alive.

Via petermorwood

#16 When your mother is angry at you.

Via setheverman

OMG he seemed so annoyed “sure, as if I don’t have anything else to do besides cleaning your toilet, hooman.” -gm

#17 This cat has a refined taste in art.

Via catsareassholes

#18 They are probably gossiping with each other.

Via themoonphase

#19 ‘Wait, That thing moves!?’

Via claudia-donovan-clone

Cat 1: “Hmmm I need to figure out how it works.” Cat 2: “Damn!” -Isabel Tamayo

#20 When the AI finds out it’s not real.

Via dboybaker

#21 How dare these slippers try to impersonate me?

Via sofluffysoyummy

#22 I will do whatever the heck I want.

Via interstellar-space-cadet

The wall socket on the wall looked surprised.

#23 Cats do the weirdest things.

Via shadsasaur

#24 Oh no, The cats are becoming more intelligent.

Via cuddlepunch

#25 Nobody needas a holder when you’ve got a cat.

Via lounare

This should be a new product! Cat pencil holders.

#26 Or you can try putting it in some rice?

Via meme-queen-jinx

#27 The cat in the front is not impressed.

Via unimpressedcats

#28 Peek-a-boo.

Via valkyriecain

Who hid the cat in the wall in the first place? Do they have a “no pets allowed” policy in your apartment complex? -Wyndmere

#29 This kitty has been activated!

Via stephanieion

#30 This is what happens when you have kids.

Via terminus-est

#31 We are getting some whisker overload here.

Via h00dpope

Wilford Brimley. -Rebekah

#32 The laser must have been powerful.

Via unimpressedcats

#33 What is happening in this particular image?

Via liamdryden

#34 So I dressed up for nothing?

Via dedalvs

When you’re mom dress you up and tells you what a handsome boy you are. -InnocentLooking

#35 He couldn’t wait for you froever.

Via citizenkaneisabadmovie

#36 This kitty is pure evil.

Via airyairyquitecontrary

#37 What a queen!

Via impala-drama

I’m allergic to cats, but I am damn well getting that chair! oh, and a kitten! damnit! -Char Char

#38 Don’t leave us hanging. What happened next?

Via thedailylaughs

#39 This was my exact reaction throughout Silent Hill.

Via brvcegayne

#40 The weight just keeps climbing.

Via fixmeperfectporcelain

Humans are not the only body conscious species. -Roisin Carey

#41 Which emoji should I use today?

Via unimpressedcats

#42 We are the kings of this world.

Via flapperwitch

#43 Never ever put tinfoil on a cat.

Via hellofriendballoon

That’s it.. it’s proven that tinfoil can actually scramble the signals from alien ship. -gm

#44 If it wasn’t for you, I would have gotten away with it.

Via proletarianprincess

#45 If only we had never found out.

Via catsareassholes

#46 I know exactly what you are talking about.

Via iloniii

The closest lady I know like that is named Mrs. Dee-dee. -Marzo Florida

#47 I spy with my laser eyes.

Via ftcreature

#48 I am glad I know this now.

Via flapperwitch

#49 We have a very chonky cat here.

Via stararia

Best example of tumblr. -Barbara Percival

#50 Why would you reveal this secret?

Via thedailylaughs

I might not be the biggest fan of Tumblr but even I can admit, these cat posts were hilarious. Which one of these was your favorite? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can marvel at these adorable furballs.


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