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20 Strangely Adorable Pictures Of Cats Who Really Forgot How To Cat Properly

Cats are one of the funniest animals.

Undoubtedly, we all love cats here. No one in their right state of mind can possibly dislike these angelic babies, they are sweet and they are very therapeutic creatures. They are stress relievers in disguise, they do so much for their owners without their acknowledgment. There are just so many qualities of cats to prove how majestic beings they are that can not be enlisted in a day. Aside from being super adorable, calm and friendly, these animals are very lovable ones. They are also very sensitive so when their owners show them a little love with the truest intentions they will form a very strong bond with them. They get emotionally attached and that connection is unbreakable. This animal is quick to win everyone’s heart, their beauty and angelicness are enough to do the trick but what is more magical about them is their understandings of the change in their beloved owner’s emotions. They are helping their owner’s through really hard times. Some cats do it with their therapeutic behavior and others with their silly acts.


Yes, cats can be such weirdos sometimes, they do act so stupid and strange. It is hilarious, they are dumb cute. We know they calm us but they also know how to put a huge smile on our faces with their amusing antics. Their funny behavior is very entertaining, for real. It seems unintentional because that is not how usually cats act and owners laugh it off, completely overlooking it but what I believe is that everything these clever little creatures do is on purpose. They do it to gain attention and affection from us or just do it because they want to see us happy. No one knows but intentions are always good. We have to admit their weirdness is also one of their many qualities that makes us fall more in love with them. I mean who would not fall in love with such entertaining cats who seem broken at one time and then normal at the other, sitting like humans at one time and then standing on legs at the other. Sounds strange but it is very amusing. Today we have brought to you some weirdly amusing cat content. Keep on scrolling down below…


Image Credit: u/Tristan69420

2. “She’ll hold this pose until you pet her…”


Image Credit: u/ughhhfine

3. “My cat Luna doesn’t loaf properly. Instead she does… whatever this is.”


Image Credit: u/lunababy247

4. “He’s sitting on the wall”


Image Credit: u/Denso95

5. “Every morning I am greeted with this magnificent view.”


Image Credit: u/Bellaspatella

6. “meet Bingo”


Image Credit: u/slimvic

7. “she doesn’t even eat it, she just likes the warmth”


Image Credit: u/m8m3

8. “when he was little, would crawl into my hoodie pocket and purr while i carried him around the house…. he still tries.”


Image Credit: u/pm_me_costumed_cats

9. “I must have been snoring because I woke up with her paw covering my mouth.”


Image Credit: u/ronlea

10. “This is Earl. He insists on drinking from a bowl in the sink.”


Image Credit:  u/J0rgeJ0nes

I told you cats can be super, super weird sometimes. If you have pet cats then I do not even have to explain these images to you, I bet you have already experienced this with your mysterious kitties. They are known to be old souls because of how lazy, calm and sensitive they are. Despite the fact that they seem to be very intelligent, elegant, mature and decent creatures out of all other animals on this planet, yet they act so stupid and childlike sometimes. This definitely proves to us they are little fur babies, after all. I really believe cats are very mysterious animals, one moment they act so adultlike and so mature then the other moment they are being goofy, playful and all that. They make us respect them as we do to elderly people and then the other moment we are treating them like little children. It is indeed the best of both worlds, we are definitely not complaining at all. You have already seen the proof in the pictures above that they can act so strange sometimes but I believe it is only to keep us entertained. Every animal has their own ways of showing gratitude and affection towards its owners. The cat with her head upside down, waiting for some head rubs and pets is the most cutest thing I have seen someone’s cat do so far. I want to pet her so bad now and that cat who is too big to hide in her owner’s hoodie is just extremely cute, I love how innocent and lovely these cats can be. Keep on scrolling down below to see more strange cats…

11. “Living the high life”

Image Credit: u/jay_atx

12. “Soup’s sleep spot of the week is the couch crack”


Image Credit: u/LSDMTCupcake

13. “I touched his back”

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Image Credit: u/blaurascon

14. “My sisters cat is obsessed with whatever she’s doing, ALL the time!”


Image Credit: u/aca6825

15. “Chomp!”

Image Credit: u/rain3y_

16. “My mom sent me this picture of our cat sleeping in a derpy position”


Image Credit: u/IAmTheGreenVex

17. “That’s not how you are supposed to use it”

Image Credit: u/Ian–McKellen

18. “We’ve never seem him sit like this before”


Image Credit: u/aFriendtoOtters

19. “He always has a weird pose for his naps”

Image Credit: u/Water-Consumer

20. “Everyone, meet Bowl”


Image Credit: u/harakiri_otsukare

That cat sitting like humans is definitely copying their owner, it has to be that because it is so weirdly funny. There is no way a cat would do that unintentionally. Cats are very introverted creatures, they love privacy and need their own respected space. Although they surely know how to gain their owner’s attention, they know a trick or two and these funny antics are definitely one of those tricks to get their owner’s undivided attention. Yes, they are possessive like that, too. The other cat sleeping in the derpy position is extremely cute, really made me aww at that picture. It was the cutest cat, if it was my cat sleeping like that then I would not be able to let it sleep because of my squealing of how cute they are looking. What is the strangest thing your pet cat has ever done? Let us know in the comments down below…


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