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Dad Went To Dog Groomer To Pick Their Dog, Returns Home With The Wrong One

Poor doggo got left behind at the groomer as the owner brought home the wrong one.

Grooming is a very important part of life, you need to maintain yourself as a living being in order to keep functioning efficiently and just look good, just like how we maintain all our equipment and machinery. And the case is the same with animals too. Take dogs for instance. Anyone here who is a dog owner would know grooming their dogs is a very important part of the whole process. Grooming helps with both cleanliness, which is a basic need, and ensures that doggos are healthy and are living a comfortable life.

Dog grooming is not an easy process, you have to be very careful and delicate in certain areas. Some people like to groom their dogs at home which is fine, but some prefer that the professionals do all the managing, caring, and handling so those owners take their doggos to the groomers who obviously have all the expertise and required equipment to help our good boys look good. But there is one very important fact that all dog owners should know. Grooming could actually transform your dog into an entirely new animal in terms of how they look so you may or may not find it kinda hard to recognize your very own animal and yes, that has happened before!

Mr. Rudy Salazar, owner of an adorable dogo named BooBear was asked by his wife, Coco, to go pick up BooBear from the groomers’. Rudy obliged and did what he was asked to do. The only problem was, the dog wasn’t BooBear, it was someone else’s dog.

As soon as Rudy brought BooBear home, Coco was quick to notice something off the scale. She ignored her doubts by thinking the new haircut might’ve caused a drastic change in BooBear’s appearance and that is why it was looking oddly different.


But the doubts were correct. It was indeed some other dog and not their beloved BooBear.

Dog Dad had certainly made an error.

The dog must be thinking, “Who the hell are you and what did you do to my mummy and daddy, fat man?” No connection is to be seen here.


Here’s how the error was made. As Rudy arrived at the groomer to pick up BooBear, he said, “I’m helping my wife Coco,”  The groomers thought Rudy is here for a dog named “Coco” so they handed him that little white doggo. For some very odd reason, Rudy didn’t recognize any issues or maybe he didn’t give it any attention and came back home with Coco instead of BooBear.

Rudy thought it was actually quite funny and blamed the groomers for handing him the wrong dog instead of accepting his own mistake.


Here’s what Rude’s wife Coco said about the whole situation:

“When he came home with the wrong dog he came up to me and said “Something is wrong with BooBear… he just keeps staring at me and seems out of it,”

The dog kept staring at the stranger holding it, looking very confused.


She further said, “My 10-year-old grandson said “That’s not BooBear… this dog has teeth and BooBear has no teeth”

Luckily, things were still in control as Rudy immediately headed back to the groomer. BooBear was still at the gromer waiting for its Dad. The dogs were successfully switched and Boo was safely brought back home.

Coco the human said Coco the dog safely reached back to its owners and believes Coco’s owners probably know nothing about the blunder Rudy made.


We are really glad all went well for the two dogs.

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