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16 Side-Splitting Pictures That Prove Dogs Are The Absolute Weirdos

Dogs love to do weird shit and here’s the proof..

If there’s anything that can bring a smile on your face instantly, it’s your dog. Dogs have been making our lives better since forever and we can’t thank them enough. The only thing we can do is to love our cute woofs as much as we can. They deserve all of our love and attention. Not only they fill our hearts with so much love, but they also make us howl with laughter by doing some weirdest possible things. Their hilarious expressions every time you catch them doing something sneaky are worth saving in your phone and sharing with everyone you know because why not?


Having a dog will leave you with no chance of getting bored. The constant hilarity and continuous drama will keep you busy and entertained. Here’s your daily dose of dog drama featuring some pf the cutest doggos doing their usual weird business and making us laugh.


#1 Tongue too big to be fit in the mouth.

Image Credit: sirbosleyderpsalot via Instagram

#2 Surprised with a bed treat.

Image Credit: hugo_the_shark via Instagram

#3 Which yoga position is this???

Image Credit: mhilliard62 via Instagram

#4 “How about you photograph me in this pose?”

Image Credit: summerthederpwolf via Instagram

#5 Would win the goofy smile contest.

Image Credit: ziggyinthestars via Instagram

Absolutely hilarious!

There’s no way you can control your laughter looking at these cute goofballs, no matter how sad or serious you are. The moment you see them, you’ll start giggling. That is why, people love to keep them around as they help reduce the stress and anxiety from their lives by making them laugh and feel good. They impact people’s mental health and physical health in good ways. And the reasons are clear. Scroll down and see.

#6 “Smileeee!”

Image Credit: momopatchtm via Instagram

#7 He found the best place to squeeze under and sleep; his human’s leg.

Image Credit: sugarbuttbear via Instagram

#8 We all want a Christmas gift like this.

Image Credit: its_a_bugsy_life via Instagram

#9 When your friends come over and you both waste your times together.

Image Credit: lulu.the.friedchicken via Instagram

#10 Mid-yawn photos are too hilarious.

Image Credit: ms.plantlady via Instagram

#11 The perfect unboxing.

Image Credit: lebowskiandfudge via Instagram

#12 “Look, can you do this?”

Image Credit: gunshipsandgoldens via Instagram

#13 The look you give when he calls you pretty.

Image Credit: treatsforphoebe via Instagram

#14 “Morning sunshine!”

Image Credit: tinymikeyjordan via Instagram

#15 Have you seen more prefect teeth than these?

Image Credit: shiba.kimi.husky via Instagram

#16 Cast him in a horror movie, y’all.

Image Credit: cheekymutt via Instagram

Is your dog also goofy and weird like these dogs? What was the most hilarious you find it in and captured? Share with us in the comments below, we’d love to see.


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