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40 Pics Of Dogs At The Shelter Vs Now That Show How Important Adoption Is

There’s always some new challenge or the other brewing on TikTok. Thousands of people jump on the bandwagon as soon as these new TikTok trends emerge and we are here for it! This one in particular is truly entertaining. Let’s hope we never have to say bye to it and remains for as long as TikTok continues to exist! This trend began when a TikTok user named Alexa posted a video, captioned “Show me what your dog looked like in their shelter picture versus now.” She introduced everyone to her pet and really blew this challenge up!


Other TikTok users were quick to respond to this trend and post their own videos of their pets at the shelter VS their pets now. They ended up sharing some extremely heartwarming and wholesome pet content that the internet just cannot get enough of! People laughed, shared each other’s content, and encouraged others to keep the trend alive! These are the times when we realize what a blessing the internet truly is. You know we’ve got you covered and if you scroll down, you’ll be completely up to date on some of the best before and after pics of people’s dogs at the shelter vs. now and we know you’ll love it. So let’s start scrolling!

1. That’s a crazy transformation!

via lexieodenbach

2. This floof is doing a lot better!

via alldogsgotodevan

3. His life was saved

via pawsative.strides

4. This doggo looks much happier

via chaeann.somogyi

5. In a much better place

via ashleedanielle

6. Found his hooman!

via neilsmom

7. This boi just wanted to run and play

via erinreiley42

8. This doggo is way better off outside a cage

via ralph_the_fluffym

9. Enjoying the great outdoors

via lauracferguson19

10. Just appreciating the open sky

via itsbrigreen

11. This little diva’s got a bed of his own

via mel.m.camacho

12. Just wants toys and cuddles


13. All shiny and new

via miaelle

14. Got his very own new furry cushion

via monicagreatgal

15. All fattened up

via mightymax_thewienersquad

16. Happy to be with hoomans

via journeyofpaw

17. All decked up

via ashleighannepetters

18. Rugby fan

via furrjoansss

19. Even the ears are perkier!

via littlebabywinnie

20. From a shelter doggo to a princess

via wildlyrescued

The Best Friends Animal Society says that animals are usually put in shelters because of the decision of the owner rather than the animal’s behavior. People are becoming more and more open to adopting animals from a shelter: the society quotes 79% of the 5.4 million cats and dogs in US shelters were adopted in 2019, in contrast to 50% in 2014. Many animals arrived at the shelter in horrible health with a host of diseases or disfigurements, which happens when dogs are strays.

For dogs, the environment at the shelter can be very stressful especially due to the confinement says Marissa Sunny who is a CPDT-KA and senior dog lifesaving specialist at the society. “They are likely suffering from anxiety and frustration from seeing and hearing other dogs all day without being able to interact,” she said. “Dogs in the shelter have very little autonomy to make choices, as well as not being able to relax and sleep soundly with all the noise and commotion. While we all do our best to take wonderful care of all the dogs, a shelter environment will never be ideal for any animal.”

Understanding this is crucial for people who are looking to adopt a dog, as the animal might need some time to adapt once they join their new family. “The best thing to do when bringing a dog home is to give them time to decompress,” Sunny said. “Their whole world just shifted to a much better, but completely different environment. Creating a routine and structure for them while also slowly introducing new things—like people and animal friends—is extremely beneficial for them.” Slowly and gradually animals will open up as they begin to get more comfortable in their new home and receive love and bonding from their owners.

21. That’s great progress

via thepinkhairedgirlandpets

22. Enjoying the Christmas cheer

via its.nala.and.macey

23. Look at that smirk!

via theladyshortcake

24. He seems so much more optimistic about life!

via tatertotcentral

25. Are you sure that’s the same dog!?

via brenna.kate

26. Loves his blanket and his hoomans

via sadieashton2

27. Happy new pupper

via remy_the_rescue_bully

28. Got his new toys!

via makisaskye

29. Deserves all the happiness in the world!

via halbaker_

30. Living his best life

via rmarinagonz98

31. Can’t believe that’s the same dog!

via bg314

32. Can’t control the joy

via nadjaseidl

33. That’s quite the glow up

via rachmyrena

34. Wow what happened here?

via my_dixy_wrecked

35. Needed a human of his very own

via sargrace

36. A loving little pupper

via mama_of_mutts

37. Living up to his potential

via the1bre

38. What a fine doggo

via lilmare10

39. That dog needed rescuing

via _cleochalmers

40. Look at that wide smile!

via dixie_reactiverescue

Now that we’re at the end of this article, it is important to remember the benefits of adoption! Once an animal from the shelter settles into your home, they will be your companions forever! Pet adoption is a noble act as it saves an animal’s life, rescues another animal by freeing up a slot at the shelter, and giving an animal the love and care that helps them thrive! Furthermore, you will save a lot of money as adopting is a lot less expensive than buying a pet from a shop.

It is also important to be aware of the fact that by rescuing animals, you are discouraging commercial breeding of dogs and cats, which is a phenomenon that destroys their lives and they cannot easily find a suitable home. Do your research about the best adoption options for a pet and support those that are making a difference! The process is easy and you can look into it and do your research in advance if you decide to go for this option. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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